Special Orders Make Me Happy

I love getting a request for a special order. Well 90% of the time I love it.

My crazy friend from college who finds a random picture on the internet and asks me to make if for her at cost, in time for her to give it to someone else in a few days – not so much.  Seriously she sent me a picture of a knit scarf from an old navy ad and asked if I could make it for her cheaper than the $10 sale price.  Umm No.  No I can not.

The orders that I love to get are the ones from people who find my shops on line and want to customize something I have in some way.  Last week I received an email from a lady who is going to have twin grandkids born soon.  She wanted to order a set of my moose dolls but wanted them to be in different colors so they could easily be told apart.  I love the idea.  So I made them with the yarn in the same colors but reversed in positions.

She received them over the weekend and loved them enough to leave a 5 star review.

I love knowing that somewhere there are going to be two little babies that will love on the dolls and have them forever because their grandmother asked me to make something special for them.

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