How do I get a pattern tester job?  

Currently I am making a Christmas present for my mother in law. She loves long wraps instead of a jacket. I found a pattern by Red Heart for a gorgeous Ruana (it’s like a poncho that is open down the front like a shawl.) 

I bought the yarn, printed the pattern and was ready to get started. The pattern is a simple sc, ch1 repeat across. No problem there. 

The problem came when I realized the wanted me to finish off after each row for a color change. That means there are 146 rows, with two tails each.  That means a whopping 292 tails to weave in!  Who has time for that. 

So I decided to work four rows from right to left and then turn and repeat up the body. This way I only have 8 tails to weave. Yes I will need to fiddle the border a little to make sure the yarn I carry up the side is covered but that is simple compared to weaving in 292 tails. 

As a bonus I did not use 4 balls of yearn the pattern called for and had a quarter of a ball left for each of the skeins I did use!  You don’t need me to tell you what you can do with that much left over yarn. Not to mention the number of people who would be willing to try a pattern that takes 8 balls instead of 12. 

This takes me back to my original question. How do I get a job as a pattern tester for a big company that gives out patterns?  

5 thoughts on “How do I get a pattern tester job?  

  1. Great question – there are yarn websites that offer programs for pattern testers, just google random yarn brands (the smaller, high quality yarn brands) and you can join!! x

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      1. Oh I found one for you. It’s called aroha knits I think. And you will need a ravelry probably for most of them. I guess I won’t end up being a test knitter for a while due to my already huge selection of passwords that I hate remembering lol

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  2. I checked it out. It is all knits. I can knit but I am much better at crocheting. The main problem is a three year old who thinks my knitting needles are magic wands. As such they should be freed from the yarn prison they are trapped in. This does not make for a happy anyone when I find out about it.


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