The never ending list of things to make 

I know there are people who struggle finding inspiration to make something new. I have the opposite problem. I have to many things I want to do.

Well there are things I know I should do, like work on building inventory of things for my store. Like making some of the things that sell the most, or a new color of a blanket.

Then there are things that I want to try like a new sweater for myself, a crazy scarf. Things I know I wouldn’t be able to sell and able to make a profit off of but I want them. An example would be a dragon scarf. The yarn alone was $60, add the 30+ odd hours of labor, and listing fees and who will pay $150 for a dragon scarf?  It would be an awesome scarf but would it ever sell? Or like the unicorn hoodie I made for my two year old. Sure it looks awesome but I would have to sell it for $110 to make any profit.

Then there are things I know I can make a profit on and want to make but can’t find time for. Things like an Amish puzzle ball toy, a new blanket, a lace scarf.

In my everyday life I am organized and focused. I work one task at a time and get it done. I might multitask if there is a chance but I am never described as an ADD type person. But when it comes to picking a new project I sit and look at my stash and stacks of pattern books for an hour trying to decide what to make.

Life can be so hard sometimes. But if this is the worst of my problems life is really pretty good.

4 thoughts on “The never ending list of things to make 

  1. This is so true!!! I am currently designing things to sell on an etsy shop that will be up later, and it’s hard deciding what to sell…. people want gorgeous lacy complicated things made with super high quality yarn and don’t want to pay for it…lol. Do you have an etsy shop? x

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    1. I do. BlinkingCatBoutique. I have a little of everything on there- due to my ADD in picking patterns. The toys are my best seller though. I love to make the lacy shawls and wraps. When you start your shop is it going to be patterns or finished items?

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