A new monthly feature- Pattern Reviews. 

I love yarn. I love everything about it from picking out yarn, reading patterns, working on it, and finally enjoying something I made with all that effort.

I am going to start a new monthly feature on my site where once a month I find a new pattern and try it out. I will talk about the pattern, the designer (if I know who it is), what materials I used, the level of skill needed to complete it, if I made any changes, and finally how it turned out.

A few months ago I joked about getting a pattern tester job.  Turns out it’s not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of designers and companies that will let you do it in exchange for a free copy of the pattern. That’s great but there are hundreds of thousands of free patterns already out there, so there is really no motivation to do it.

So instead I am going to be a pattern reviewer. I have at least 40 different pattern books stacked in my studio, and years worth of magazines. Add in patterns on Ravelry, Craftsy, and yarn sites I will have no shortage of things to try.  This might even motivate me to try some of the projects on my wish to do list.

I am thinking about reviewing yarns as well. Sure there are already yarn reviews in magazines but they are almost always on that expensive yarn that you buy but then keep in a basket and stare at for years because is any pattern really worth using the yarn that is $30 skein of yarn?

So I would review yarn that is realistic for the everyday crocheter. Personally I love feeling a soft angora/ wool/ silk blend. But using 13 skeins at $18 a pop to make a sweater is not something I am ever going to do. But if I could find an acrylic or a blend to use at $6 or less a skein then hell yes I will make that sweater and wear it for years.

Please comment if you have a pattern  or yarn recommendation for me to try. I can make just about anything with my hook – sweaters, scarves, wraps, blankets, toys, lace etc. The only thing I won’t try are the micro crochet projects using a toothpick and a spoon of thread!

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