Stitchin Saturday #1

Now that I am getting into a groove with this blog I am going to try yet another new thing. Stitchin Saturdays. My hopefilled plan is to post every Saturday about my wips.

In the past I only ever had one wip at a time. Bless my little OCD heart but I couldn’t function if I had a project partially done hiding in my studio. Lately I find that I have a couple projects going on now because of my online stores. Don’t get me wrong I love getting orders and creating something that will be loved by a stranger. But I end up setting aside a pattern I am trying to see if it would fit on my site, a present for someone, or that rare project I make for myself.

So every Saturday I am going to list what’s on my hooks and if I have made any progress.

Why do I think you might be interested? Well maybe you see a project and decide you want to make one too, I could be having a hard time staying motivated and you could give me the encouragement the drill instructors never did in boot camp (go ahead and tell me to get my buns in motion!), and finally I will always be working on something that will not get its own post and that could be the one thing you have been looking for for years.

So starting next Saturday I am going to get accountable and tell you what I am working on. Not today though, I have a few things I can finish before then and then I won’t look like such a slacker!


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