Stitchin Saturday #4

This week was pretty good for my hooks.  I started a sweater just for me from a kit Mermaid “bought” me for Christmas.  I also got an order for a Checkered Hearts Baby Blanket so off to the yarn store I went.

  I love getting orders for baby things; it just makes me happy to know that something I made will wrap a little one up in love and hopefully become one of their favorite things.

I also heard back on the Twin Bunnies from last week.  When the expectant mother opened the bag she loved them.  I was told she is going to order a second set – one to let them cuddle and one to put away in their memory boxes.  I got all teary, it touched my heart that she loved them that much.

 Things I finished:  Nothing.  Not a single thing.

On the hooks:

·         Curvy Girl Tunic – This is a kit Mermaid “bought” me for Christmas from Craftsy.  It uses Lion Brand Yarn that is so squishy and delicious.  I am taking lots of pictures and notes so I can write a review on it for you.

·         Checkered Hearts Baby Blanket – Amazon order.

Poor Ignored WIPS:

·    Heating Pad Cover – I am writing a pattern for one to go on my electric heating pad.  I am so tired of the cheap flimsy one that won’t stay in place.

·    Cuff Booties – This is a kit I ordered from Craftsy.  Something to make just for me.

·    The most disappointing sweater ever (I am not ready to talk about it and it is in the corner thinking about what it did wrong.)  Update:  I did look at it this week and cuss it out again.  I need to just frog it and get it over with.

·    Amelia’s Quilt – I started a jelly roll quilt for my daughter.  I only work on it when Hubby is on long work trips so it’s been in a tote since November. 


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