Stitchin Saturday # 7

This week I decided to work on Mermaid’s Quilt.  I started it last August, but it keeps getting pushed to the back of the line because of other commitments.  I decided it was going to be a priority this week and I wanted to get at least all the squares sewn together.  Took it out, pressed all the strip piecing I had already sewn together.  Then I got to cutting it into the smaller pieces that will form the quilt squares.  Three hours in I got an order for 3 blankets, and a small toy.  So away went the cutting board.  The next day I got an order for another toy.  So now the quilt is all back in its clear tub sitting in the studio waiting for me to get free time again.  As much as I want to work on it, I love working on orders more. 

I am really excited about the blanket order.  It is from a lady who ordered a Checkered Hearts Baby Blanket in January.  She loved that one so much she ordered the same blanket in a different color.  She also ordered a Granny Mae!  I know I have talked about my Granny Mae’s before – it is the one if you order I donate a matching blanket to my local Ronald McDonald House.  This is only the second time someone has ordered it, and I am over the moon.  I was worried no one would ever order one because of the donation part. 

I was disappointed this week over the octopus toys.  My local hospital won’t accept the ones I made for the NCIU.  They only accept hats.  So I am going to be giving those to the Ronald McDonald house as well.  They can always be loved by an older kid too.  If you are making them to donate and don’t want to face rejection – there is a list of Facebook Groups by country you can join to get them to the hospitals that will accept them.  I am trying to decide if I should write a new post about this or if I should just amend the old one?

I signed up for my first CreativeBug class!  They were one of my first affiliate sponsors and I want to support them.  I chose a sewing class on how to make a simple cotton skirt.  The affiliate link is here  Lazy Days Skirt.  I used to wear flirty skirts all the time and I realized I miss them.  I think this pattern is going to make a great skirt for the warm spring and hot summer I normally have here in Florida.  I was so excited I bought the fabric for two different skirts.  One is a light gray with tiny white hearts, the other is pink with white polka dots.  After I make my orders I am going to make these skirts.  Look for the post coming in early March. 

I have the March monthly giveaway all set to go.  The post will be published on March 1 and the contest runs till the 30.  I will announce the winner on the site and send them an email so they don’t miss their prize.  The prize for March are 2 skeins of hand dyed cotton/viscose yarn from Feza.  It is 480 yds. so that is enough for a hat and fingerless gloves, or a beautiful semi-moon shawl.  Please tell your friends to sign up too!  If I get enough attention for my giveaways I might get sponsored prizes worth more than I could give away on my own.  So spread the word and let’s make this a fun thing for everyone. 

Finished Objects:

  • I finished a white baby blanket I for a friend having a baby.  It is one I designed for my Granny Square Baby Blanket Series.  I think it is going to be called Granny Daisy.  There is a big daisy flower in the middle, but that name doesn’t roll of the tongue so I am still brainstorming the name for that one. 


On the Hooks:

  • Amelia’s Quilt – I was able to iron the strip pieces and start cutting them into the smaller strips that will make the quilt squares.  I have to say I am enjoying working on my first Jelly Roll quilt.  Starting with the precut strips make getting to the sewing a lot faster. 
  • Checkered Hearts Baby Blanket – Yellow – Amazon Order
  • Granny Mae Baby Blanket Set – Pink – Amazon Order
  • Small Elephant Toy – Thank you for the Amazon order
  • Small Hippo Toy – Etsy Order
  • Moogly Square 4


Poor Ignored WIPS:

  • Heating Pad Cover – I am writing a pattern for one to go on my electric heating pad.  I am so tired of the cheap flimsy one that won’t stay in place.  * I did take this one out and put it at the top of the pile.
  • Cuff Booties – This is a kit I ordered from Craftsy.  Something to make just for me.
  • The most disappointing sweater ever (I am not ready to talk about it and it is in the corner thinking about what it did wrong.)  I need to just frog it and get it over with.
  • Curvy Girl Tunic:  I am going to finish this one day.  Hopefully in time to wear it next winter.



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