March Giveaway! Feza Hand Dyed Cotton Yarn

Last month I was talking with a friend about life and what direction I want mine to go in.  I realized that I want to be the next Marly Bird in the world of yarn and crafting.  I just love her.  She is a great person who helps others learn about all things related to yarn and what they can do with it if they try.  She has classes on CreativeBug and Craftsy, she is the spokesperson for Red Heart Yarns, she has a podcast and I am sure she is going to take over the world one day.  Basically I want to be her when I grow up.

That got me thinking what can a little website like mine do to start building a sense of community and encourage others to join in?  A giveaway.  Then I had to decide what to give away.  It had to be reasonable (I currently make no money from this blog) and something a wide range of people would like.  Yarn.  Just about everyone loves yarn and can find something to do with it.

img_4154So I took a trip to my local yarn shop Kings Sewing in Pensacola.  After poking around and touching everything I decided on two skeins of Feza Baby Yarn.  You are going to love this yarn.  It is a mix of creams and pinks.  It feels like a cloud when you wear it on your skin.  I made a shawl with some for a friend last year; I don’t think she has left the house without it all winter.  It is 50% cotton/ 50% Viscose in DK weight.  There are 240 yds per skein, for a total of 480 yds.  That is enough for most baby cardigans, adult hats or scarves.  Just feeding 480 yds of DK into Ravelry resulted in over 1000 patterns for crochet alone.

I am hoping to get a great response from this giveaway.  If I do I want to make this a monthly feature on the site.  If you want to enter follow the link below.  It will open on March 1 and end on March 30 at midnight.  I will pick a winner and announce it here and on my twitter account on March 31.  Don’t worry if you are the lucky winner I will email you and let you know!

UPDATE 03-30-17

I have picked the winner!  CraftyOne is the lucky one who is getting the two skeins.


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