Stitchin Saturday 9

Sorry this post is coming on Sunday.  Yesterday I spent the day with my family and my in-laws at a local craft fair.  I love going to those and seeing all the different ways people create.  There are the jewelry, the pottery, the photographers, even the wacky ones that aren’t quite what I like.  My favorite ones are the wood carvers.  I have more wooden bowls and boxes than I do crochet hooks and that is saying something.  Yesterday I scored huge.  I found a new photographer I like and bought 4 of his prints, a huge cedar bench, two large huckleberry wood bowls, and a hand thrown garlic jar that has a geode in the lid handle.  Mermaid found a wooden spoon that she needed for her little kitchen.  I think she was the lady’s favorite customer all day.  The only thing that I don’t like about craft fairs would be I have only seen one vendor that sold knit accessories.  My goal is to have a Blinking Cat Boutique booth at craft fairs within the next five years.  What kind of yarn thing would you buy at a craft show?  Baby blankets and sweaters, animal dolls, scarves and shawls?9 pic 1

This week I spent time working on my green sweater, another octopus to donate, and making a light purple butterfly for an order on Amazon.

9 pic 2My biggest news of the week – I got a new laptop.  I really needed one, my old one had gotten to the point that it would freeze while I typed and I would have to wait for it to catch up.  My new one is so awesome.  I could take over NASA with this thing. 

I am looking for a crochet pattern to use the yarn I got in the Darn Good Yarn Box for March.  The pattern they included is for knit fingerless gloves.  I love the look of them but I need fingers on my gloves.  My hands are freezing right now and it is 74 degrees in my house.  I am thinking a slouchy hat for next winter.  If you have a favorite let me know and I will check it out.

Don’t forget the March Giveaway is going on.  It is open for entries until March 30, so get your entries in now.  The prize is two skeins of Feza Baby Yarn.  You can only get this brand of hand dyed yarn in an independent yarn store! 


Finished Objects:

        Nothing this week. 

 On the Hooks:

Purple Butterfly Doll – Amazon Order

Tooth Fairy Pillow – this is going to be my pattern review for March.  Honestly it was supposed to be for February but I ran out of time. 

Darn Good Yarn Kit – Pattern Undecided

CreativeBug – A Lazy Day Skirt Class.  If you want to take a sewing class at CreativeBug click here for my affiliate link > Fall in love with creativity at Creativebug

Curvy Girl Tunic – I am loving this kit I got from Craftsy.  If you want a crochet kit for yourself click on my affiliate link >  Crocheting kits around $10 or less, excluding shipping!

Poor Ignored WIPS:

Amelia’s Quilt

Heating Pad Cover – I am writing a pattern for one to go on my electric heating pad.  I am so tired of the cheap flimsy one that won’t stay in place.  * I did take this one out and put it at the top of the pile.

Cuff Booties – This is a kit I ordered from Craftsy.  Something to make just for me.

The most disappointing sweater ever (I am not ready to talk about it and it is in the corner thinking about what it did wrong.)  I need to just frog it and get it over with.




One thought on “Stitchin Saturday 9

  1. Oh, I ❤ craft fairs! I would enjoy buying a shawl in person (as they are hard to really get a feel for online) but I’m sure your other things would sell, too. ^_^
    Yay for the new laptop!
    “I could take over NASA with this thing.” – Lol!

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