Stitchin’ Saturday 10

This has been a pretty busy week for me.  There is smoke coming off my fingers I have been working so much!

IMG_4517I made a tooth fairy pillow.  It turned out so cute and the pattern was so easy I made it my pattern review for this month.  Look for the post on Monday.  If you know a little kid you are going to want to make this for them.  Their parents will love you for it because they can trade cash for teeth without worry they will wake the kids. 


IMG_4516I realized that I have been looking at the yarn from my Darn Good Yarn Club from last month for way to long.  I spent a lot of time looking for a crochet pattern to use the yarn in but couldn’t find just the right thing.  I was inspired by the fingerless mitts in their pattern but didn’t want to go dig out the knitting needles.  So what is a girl to do?  I created my first pattern for crochet fingerless mitts.  Yep that was easier than going to the other room for my knitting needles.  Look for a post on it soon.  I am writing out the pattern right now so I can share it with everyone.  Hubby looked at me funny when I did a dance after finishing.  I completed both gloves without frogging with exactly 12 inches of yarn left!  Yep, it was close but it was awesome.

I bought a book this week on pixel crochet blankets.  I am going to be writing about it later, but I had to start on one of these blankets because they are so awesome.  I am going to make a few of one design and put them in the stores as a limited edition kind of thing.  No variations, just the already finished pieces because they are going to be time consuming.  I can’t decide between a bunny, a panda, or an America blanket.  Which would you be most interested in?  They are toddler size.  I could make them bigger, but I am already estimating the finished piece costing at least $100 due to materials and time. 

march-ga-pinDon’t forget the March Giveaway is going on.  It is open for entries until March 30, so get your entries in now.  The prize is two skeins of Feza Baby Yarn.  You can only get this brand of hand dyed yarn in an independent yarn store! 



Finished Objects:

        Tooth Fairy Pillow

        Fingerless Gloves

        Purple Butterfly Doll


On the Hooks:

Pixel Baby Blanket

All American Baby Blanket – Etsy Order


Poor Ignored WIPS:

CreativeBug – A Lazy Day Skirt

Curvy Girl Tunic – I am loving it, but not motivated to work on a sweater in 80 degree weather looking at Spring.

Amelia’s Quilt  – Still working on getting the pieces sewn into squares.

Heating Pad Cover – I am writing a pattern for one to go on my electric heating pad, I am so tired of the flimsy covers that come with these things.

Cuff Booties – This is a kit I ordered from Craftsy.  Something to make just for me.

The most disappointing sweater ever (I am not ready to talk about it and it is in the corner thinking about what it did wrong.)  I need to just frog it and get it over with.



 Darn Good Yarn: Online Yarn Store | Ethical Yarn

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