Stitchin’ Saturday #13

This week it is short and simple.  Mermaid has her first flu and all I have done this week is take care of her.  It just hit out of the blue on Wednesday.  She was fine at lunch and then by 1:30 she had a fever hitting 103.

She has never been sick outside of teething as a baby so this is a whole new level of unhappy for both of us.

I have decided that I am going to narrow the focus of this blog down to just crochet and knitting for the forseeable future.  I know that I promised there would be sewing, quilting, tatting, and everything else you can do with string, but with life right now that is just to daunting.  Maybe after we get the house built and move next year I can expand.  But hey yarn is awesome!  And if your reading this you are probably ok with me narrowing my focus because your here for the crochet so far right?

Don’t forget to enter this month’s yarn give away! The prize is 2 skeins of Angora Merino Yarn!
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