Stitchin’ Saturday # 14

This week it is short and simple.  Mermaid developed a double ear infection on top of Influenza 4 and the Rotavirus.  Things got serious and we took a few days in the hospital.  But we are home now and doing well.  She was up and running around looking for eggs this morning.

Needless to say I didn’t do much this week with my wips.  The only thing I really accomplished was getting the design down for my Father-In-Law’s poncho.  After searching through hundreds of patterns I have decided I definitely need to make my own.  I want it to be two rectangles about the same size as the ruana I made for my Mother-In-Law but in a more manly.  I found a blanket that has a cable pattern that is perfect.  I am going to widen and elongate it and maybe add a ribbed border to finish it.

Don’t forget to enter this month’s yarn give away! The prize is 2 skeins of Angora Merino Yarn!
Good News!  The Knit Show with Vickie Howell is a go!  The Kickstarter campaign got all of the required funding.  I am so stinking excited.  TheKnitShow_Pin_600px



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