Stitchin’ Saturday 16

Happy Birthday to Me! This week was pretty awesome. I turned 38.  Had cake everyday. Bought a years supply of yarn.  One down side was a flat tire, but luckily roadside was covered and the dealership repaired it so it did not cost me anything but time. Even the time waiting for the tire wasn’t that bad – Hubby had Mermaid and I had a pair of headphones and a hat I am working on to pass the time.  So far I am not liking 38 any better than 37 – you would think a lady would not have to put up with gray hairs and a hormone pimple at the same time but you would be wrong. 

As far as my crafting has gone it has been a great week.  I have all the parts of my Curvy girl sweater done, I just need a quiet night while everyone is asleep to seam it up.  This is the first time that I have worked with this type of yarn from Lion Brand and I am loving it.  I don’t want to give to much away here because I am planning on doing a pattern review that I will publish later this summer (closer to when normal people start making their sweaters for the fall).  I will say that I am looking for other patterns that I could use it for because it feels so darn yummy against my skin. 

I finished the floppy brim hat, just have to weave in the ends.  This is the second pattern I have tried looking for a hat for myself. The pattern is awesome and works up without any problems.  I was a good little hooker and did my gauge swatch first.  Even though it is a little tight for me, I prefer something a little looser (I can’t even wear headbands because they all feel like my head is in a vice) so I am going to give this one to Mermaid and make another for myself using one hook size larger.  After I get mine done I will post pictures of us – I am thinking this is going to be my pattern review for May. 

For my birthday I bought several new books on both knitting and crochet.  I will spread some pictures of them out on Instagram and let you know when I start a new project out of them. A friend of mine was shopping with me when I bought them at the book store and asked if I really needed more pattern books. I looked at her with the straightest face I could muster and said, “This is my post apocalypse life skill. I need as many books as I can so I can rule the women of my village with my hooker skills.”  We laughed and laughed – then I picked up an extra book.

I know you probably think I have forgotten about the MOOGLY 2017 CAL because I haven’t posted on squares 7 & 8.  I haven’t I promise – I have been waiting for yarn to arrive I had to order online.  I am using the Caron Pound of Yarn in the dusty pink.  This is something that my big box store normally has in stock all the time.  Except this month – someone bought every skein they had in every color.  I have no idea what they plan to make with 70+ pounds of yarn but good luck to them.  On the bright side that came in this week and I have finished 7 & 8 and halfway through 9.  Look for my tips on them next week. 

There was a project that I worked on for several days that I debated sharing with you here. In one of my Facebook crochet groups I saw a post asking for flowers for a little girl in England. Her name is Jenny and she is dying from a brain tumor. She asked if people would send crocheted flowers to cover her casket. I am not going to lie I cried. I hate it when children are sick and even more when one knows they are looking at the end way to soon.  I made 25 different flowers for her and mailed them on Tuesday.  I told Mermaid that we were going to make flowers for a little girl who needed some love, I let her pick out the yarns from my stash and then she picked out each flower from a book I have.  She is only 3 so she can’t actually make any but she helped how she could.  As much as I hated the reason, I love that she had a place to ask.  I love that the crochet world is so giving that if a stranger asks for something we do our best to help.  I just checked and they announced on their Instagram (@littleboxofcrochet) that they have received so many flowers they are overwhelmed.  I think she said they received 3 post bags full of packages in just one day.  I love that Jenny is getting her wish and that she is seeing them when they arrive.  They have all the flowers they need so I am not going to share the shipping info here but if you want to see the power of the crochet world go on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and look for #aflowerforjenny.  You are going to be touched too.




Moogly Square 7

Moogly Square 8


Summer Hat – for Mermaid

Curvy Girl Tunic

Moogly Square 9



Heating Pad Cover



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