May Giveaway!

Yarn GiveawayThis month I am giving away 2 skeins of Alpaca Lace Yarn in Turquoise Heather from Cascade Yarns.  I have been using their super wash wool for the last 3 years in knit square exchanges.  I didn’t know much about the company until I heard an interview on the Yarn Things Podcast where Marly Bird talked to Shannon Dunbabin.  Now I love the yarn even more.

Quick overview – Bob Dunbabin started the company in Seattle in the 1980s with the goal of providing quality yarn at a good price.  Now his son and daughter-in-law work there too.  They have everything from acrylic, wool, cottons, and even spandex.

When I get adventurous and want to try a new fiber or weight I always buy it from Cascade because I know that the yarn is going to be awesome. They have a list and description of all their yarns on their site but I believe you can only buy it in your local yarn store or online (like Craftsy).  If you have never worked with some of these yarns visit their site just to see the free patterns and get inspired.  Then get signed up for the afghan knit along they have going on.

Are you rolling your eyes thinking that this is a sponsored post?  Nope I just love this yarn.  However if you want to order some for yourself before the winner is announced you can use my affiliate link to Craftsy and order some!

The details on the yarn:

  • Brand: Cascade
  • Name:  Alpaca Lace
  • Color: Turquoise Heather
  • Yards: 437 (per hank)
  • Fiber:  100% Baby Alpaca

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7 thoughts on “May Giveaway!

  1. What a beautiful colour. I’ve wanted to try some baby alpaca yarn for the longest time! I’d have to make a scarf or a cowl or a hat or a shawl – something that would go near my face because I’m weird and like rubbing soft textures on my cheeks.

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