Stitchin’ Saturday 18

Ok. I know this is late.  I blame it on shoddy internet service in the back woods of North Carolina.  I wrote it on Sunday while we were driving from Atlanta and thought I posted it while we were driving.  Turns out – not so much.  So here is my riveting post from last weekend.


This week I spent getting ready for our family trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  It is going to be Hubby, Mermaid, Mom-in-law, Dad-in-law, and me. It is going to be a long trip – 2 days driving to Virginia, 7 days there, 1 day driving to Atlanta, 2 days there, and then a day driving home.  I had to prep the house for my nephew to housesit, prep the animals for us to be gone, pack bags for everyone, confirm all the reservations and printout tickets that I bought online.

The hardest part of packing for a long trip like that?  Figuring out what kind of crochet/ knitting projects to pack and how many to take.  I can’t fit a whole suitcase of yarn and notions and pattern books in the back of the car with everything else (I have tried trust me) no matter how much I want to.  Hubby joked that he would get one of those hard shell cases that goes on the top of the SUV and I could just put my yarn and stuff up there.  I almost took him up on it, not going to lie.  I decided on taking 5 projects with me.  I started the Marly Bird KAL with Red Heart this week and I am taking it to finish, there are supplies for 2 Marly Bird classes on Craftsy I am going to make, and then 2 sets of sock yarn to make 2 lace shawls.

I want to try and finish all 5 on the trip.  If I can do that then I deserve any yarn I decide to buy on the trip right?  Check up on my Instagram for updates on how I am doing with my 5 shawl challenge.

2 thoughts on “Stitchin’ Saturday 18

  1. Always a huge dilemma – what to take when going away! Like me, take lots of projects. My hubby rolls his eyes at me when I pack multiple ones. I just can’t take one – what happens if I finish it?! Or what if I am not in the mood for that one? Or what if I go wrong and can’t work it out? What if I forget the pattern or needles with the one project? I might have spare in another project bag! I don’t count that I also seek out craft stores when away ….. just in case I run out of things to do ! he he.

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