Stitchin Saturday #20

Don’t freak out I know I jumped to 20.  I skipped last week because I spent the weekend at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  I am not going to lie those coasters are amazing and the family trip was crazy.   We didn’t get home from our trip until late Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday was all about laundry and catching up from the trip while passing enough kidney stones to bling out a coin purse.  Side note – If I could just figure out how to make my kidney stones out of carbon instead of calcium I could be rich selling the diamonds.

I have been working on finishing my last project from the trip.  Unfortunately fighting kidney stones and a sinus infection while traveling with a toddler, Hubby and In-laws across 6 states is not that conducive to finishing 5 projects in 13 days.  However I did come up with some serious tips that I am going to be sharing with you on ways you can take crochet and knitting on your next road trip without loosing your ever loving mind.

I was able to finish the shawl for the Marly Bird KAL, and one of the shawls from the Creative Bug class Marly Bird teaches on crochet shawls.  I am working on a post on both of them!  If you know anything about me I am a total fangirl of Marly Bird and I sing her praises when ever I can, so of course I am going to talk the awesome things she has going on.

These are the 2 shawls that I have finished.  The large grey shawl is from the KAL (Knit Along) and the blue crescent shawl is from the CreativeBug class.  The third is a green pineapple lace scarf that I am working on.  That is just the first full set of pineapples I the pic because it is a bit unwieldy at the moment but when I get it blocked I will share a pic of it as well.

I had a request that surprised me this week on my Instagram.  A lady asked if I do tutorials.  I was honest and said I give tips on how to do patterns and things but that I don’t do tutorials.  What do ya’ll think?  Is there room on the internet for another person doing tutorials?  I could do it on how to do a specific pattern or a specific process and I think that would work.  But there are so many amazing teachers out there that teach the basics and the standard stitches by themselves – so I know that wouldn’t work for me.

Don’t forget we are in the last few days of the May Giveaway.  So far there are very few entries (I was out of the loop for the last 3 weeks and haven’t been promoting it) so there is a great chance you could win if you get your entries in before the deadline!


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