Stitchin’ Saturday #21

You would think after 20 posts I could remember to hit publish not draft –
but you would be wrong.  Especially when I am doing it at 2 am.  Just Saying.


This week I only worked on 2 main projects.  Both for my Mother-In-Law’s birthday.  She loves the Saints and has worn a scarf to tatters because I made it in black and gold for her.  So to replace it I made her 2 new ones.  The first is a skinny black and gold Bavarian lace that is perfect for summer and early fall when it is still warm but she wants to flaunt her team colors.  The second is a thicker scarf made from the same cotton yarn using a crocodile stitch the whole way.

I have to admit the second scarf was harder just because I had to decide on color placement.  At first I tried staggering the colors every other row but it looked like a bumble bee.  Seriously there are limits on the way you can put some colors together and what the mind is going to see as soon as you do. Personally that makes working with colors more challenging for me because I usually just love thing to be monochromatic or a single color paired with a neutral.  Any woo.  After starting and ripping out several times I finally decided on a blocked color layout.  I think it turned out gorgeous.  I might end up making another for myself in Red and Black for my football team.

Have you done something like this before?  Taken a pattern that was written for a solid color yarn and turned it into a team spirit piece by making it with your team colors instead?  I love the fact that the chances of another person showing up to the football party is not going to have anything nearly as awesome much less the same thing that I have made. It is one of my favorite things about being a maker.

The winner for the May Yarn Giveaway wanted to stay anonymous, but their yarn has been delivered.  I hope she is loving it.  I am not going to do a give away in June because I am going on another trip and won’t be able to promote it to get all the entries to make it a success.  Look for another in July – I already have the yarn and it is so yummy that I am having trouble not putting it on my swift and making myself a shawl!

Have a great week being crafty!


Hand Beaded Silk Yarn - 7 Pack

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