FiberCrafty – A New Place to Buy Yarn & Stuff

If you know me at all you know that I am a big fan of Marly Bird.  There are so many reasons but a big one is I love her podcast – Yarnthings.  This week the guest was Pam Maher.  She has recently started a new website for people to buy and sell yarn, fiber, accessories and tools it is called FiberCrafty.  She has it geared towards Indie business in the USA right now with thoughts to expand in the future.


I have to tell you half way through the podcast I had put down my project and went to look up the site.  It is pretty awesome.  I love the way that she has the search filters set up.  If you want blue – lace weight – silk/ cashmere blended yarn then you can find it.  It gets that specific.  The best part is that you can get access to yarns that you couldn’t before depending on where you live.  Here in Pensacola we have one LYS but she doesn’t buy a lot of the new and trending yarns, and has no indie dyers that I know of.  That is great she is old school and most of her shoppers like that.  But some times I want a luxury yarn that is going to knock someone’s socks off and now I can get it!

I love that she is creating a way for small fiber businesses to market and increase their reach. I think this site is going to be huge.  Why do I think it is going to be so huge? Because I just heard about it and I already have close to $100 in yarn in my shopping cart!

Ok that is it.  I was just so excited I wanted to share this with everyone! If your a fiber business they are accepting new shops, if your a shopper they have stuff you didn’t know you needed but will be buying!


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