Stitchin’ Saturday 24

This week I started working on a housewarming present for my In-laws.  The only thing they still need before they can say their new house in Georgia is finished is for the hardwood floors and the kitchen appliances to be installed.  I am so stinking excited about this!  I am not sure if I shared with yall but we have the adjoining acres to theirs and will be building a house next door to them next spring.

Their house is going to be a second home where they can go when Florida gets to hot, but we are going to be moving to our new home in Georgia permanently.  Hubby grew up in Georgia and I lived there at least half my life and we both miss it.  We didn’t want to move back to the area we lived in in high school because it has been sucked into the Atlanta perimeter and is now a crazy commercial place.  I think there are only a handful of places I remember still there these days.  So instead we bought some acres in a Greenbelt Community in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It is close enough Hubby can drive to Atlanta for work and the airport, and far enough away that I don’t have to deal with traffic or the crazy people driving in Atlanta unless I get a wild hair and decide I need to go down town for something.  I can’t wait until we move.

Anywho,  I am working on their house warming gift.  It is a cabled afghan in a royal blue color.  The pattern comes from the book Unexpected Afghans and is gorgeous.  It looks complicated – because hello cables – but if you can do a front post stitch then you can do this blanket.  I know that it looks gray in the photo and I am guessing it is because I just snapped this in my lap and didn’t set up the whole photo shoot setup to take the pic.  But you can see how the large the cables are – that is my full sized crochet hook in side the cable!


I have spent a lot of time this week organizing and going through my office.  I realized when it got to the point I didn’t want Mermaid to go in there for fear she would topple storage tubs on her head it was probably time to do something about it.  So, now I have my yarns all organized.  It only took 11 large storage tubs, 5 Rubbermaid drawer organizers, and a bookshelf.  But hey I have a stash that would make a small yarn shop jealous.  I still need to organize my crafty desk because it is buried under a lot of stuff but when you try to fit the materials for crochet & knitting, tatting, embroidery, cross stitch, quilting, sewing, jewelry, scrapbooking, card making, and art journaling in a 10 x 12 room and have to give up a third of that to Hubby there is a lot to shove in there.  I will eventually take a pic so yall can see when I get the desk part cleared up.  > That is one thing I am super excited about for my new house.  There is a studio in the basement for me.  18 x 26 feet!  I have more plans for that room than I do for the master bathroom.  There is going to be floor to ceiling bookshelves, a work counter that runs the length of the room that I can have sections for different crafts, a sewing table, and a day bed.  I might just live in that room to be honest.

The only other thing that I have been actually working on this week was a cross stitch picture that I found and need to finish.  It is kind of funny.  I love the setting up of a new cross stitch project, I love the stitching and watching the picture form. I hate doing the outlining.  If I could outsource that I so would.  Normally I do enough to make the picture clear but not every little detail they say to do.  Who needs 5 French knots in the center of a flower? No one.

cross stitch

I received this month’s Darn Good Yarn Club kit.  I love the nubby yarn but I am going to save it for a different project.  The one they sent a pattern for this month is for a pair of adorable baby shoes.  I just don’t have a baby to put them on.  So I am going to save it for now until I find a little hat pattern to use it on.  Maybe a headband for next winter.


I do have one exciting thing in store for this site!  I am in the process of creating a YouTube channel for Blinking Cat.  I want to be able to do little videos to answer a lot of the questions I see in my crochet & knitting Facebook groups.  It is hard to explain in just words the best way to make the eyes for an Amigurumi and have the tails tucked in but it would be much easier to show a short video on how to do it.  I have the page set up and I am working on a few practice videos to get over my jitters.  Working out the backdrop and all that jazz.  If you have anything you would like a tutorial on please let me know and I can try my hand at it.  The link for my channel is here.  Go ahead and subscribe and that way you can know when I finally get the gumption up to post!

Ok. I think that covers way more than we needed to for today!

Go get crafty!

Great for Mom - $10 Yarn Club  Yarns from

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