Stitchin’ Saturday #25

This week I finished a little hippo doll that was ordered on Amazon, a bag ordered on Etsy, and did more work getting ready to start my YouTube channel.


I am not going to lie, I have a new respect for people who have hundreds of videos up there with editing, words and music.  I have the setup worked out but I am still fiddling with the editing and graphics.  Fingers crossed I will have my first video out the beginning of August.  If you have any suggestions or requests on things you would like me to cover in the video you can email me at or leave a comment below.

The majority of my crafty time this week has been spent on my cable afghan that I am making as a house warming present.  I have had to raid all the stores in my area of this color yarn and I think I finally have enough to finish it.  I actually had a lady in the check out line ask if she could have one of my skeins because the color is just so lovely.  Umm No.

I have been putting status pictures up on Instagram and a facebook and the response has been awesome.  For anyone interested the pattern is ‘Croises Cable Afghan’ in Unexpected Afghans by Robyn Chachula.  I chose the pattern for the solid fabric and the cables.  I know that some of you are intimidated with cables and knitting, but if you know how to crochet I encourage you to try them.  In this blanket there are only 2 stitches in the whole thing – half double crochet and front post treble crochet.  That is it.  To make the cables you just cross and shift the front post trebles according to the pattern.  It is much easier than trying to do cables in knitting and needing extra needles to hold stitches and twisting and dropping them.


KAL_ CALRound-up

Like everyone else I get inspired by Pinterest, Facebook, and Ravelry.  I have found so many different KAL and CAL that I want to do but can’t because of time constraints.  But I love them and want to do them one day so I save the link and hopefully get to go back.  Well now I am going to have a monthly roundup of KAL & CAL that I am going to share with everyone here.  I am going to list the host, website, type, free/paid etc and hopefully you will find one you want to join too.  A lot of them have free patterns that stay available after the official KAL/CAL ends.  If it catches on I will make a page dedicated to it on my homepage.  If you know of a KAL/ CAL that is in progress, new or fixing to start please let me know and I will list it!  I can’t promise that I will be able to do a tips & techniques for each one like I am doing for the Moogly CAL but I will help if you have questions!


blinking cat's wips


  • Croises Cable Afghan – House Warming Gift
  • Highlander’s Poncho – Father In Law’s Birthday
  • Dragon Scarf
  • Heating Pad Cover
  • Lavender Fields Blanket
  • Pixel Blanket
  • Curvy Girls Sweater
  • Pineapple Blanket – Birthday Gift
  • Fingerless Mitts – Christmas Gift
  • Moogly CAL


  • Darn Good Yarn Kits – 2 months behind
  • Seam last year’s friendship square blanket


  • Mermaid’s Quilt


  • Lazy Day’s Skirt

Cross Stitch

  • Garden Sampler


You know just a few things for me to work on and keep the boredom at bay.  I used to be so good about finishing one thing before starting another, I need to start using that discipline again.

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