July KAL & CAL List

kal & cal pin.pngThis is the first month of my KAL & CAL List and I am so excited.

I am going to give you the info and the links on how to do these awesome KAL & CAL.  I won’t give you the actual patterns here because that would infringe on the designers who put so much effort in to these projects.

DR Who CALThe Whovian CAL – by Two Hearts Crochet. This is my dream CAL because I am a huge Whovian. I think it is going to be what finally makes me learn C2C! There are more than 20 squares you can choose from to make a 9 square blanket. Examples of the squares: one design for each Doctor, K9, River Song, Tardis, the logo, & some of the baddies! This is a free CAL, and she even has color graphs so you know exactly what colors to get in either Red Heart Super Saver or Vanna’s Choice yarns. It looks like it started in August 2016, but all the patterns are still up and working with no posted end date.

MooglyCAL2017-13Moogly CAL — Moogly.  This is the first CAL I have ever actually participated in  and I am loving it. The designs are all for 24 multi colored squares, but bless my little monochromatic heart I wanted to do it in a solid color. Check my Moogly CAL page for my tips and tricks on how to turn each square into a solid colored one.  I have tips for up blocks 1 – 10 with others pending. The great thing about the Moogly CAL is she uses a different designer every month, so all the squares stand out on their own.  She has both a Facebook Group and a Ravelry Group just for this CAL and the members in both are awesome – I love looking at everyone else’s colors in their squares.

#3 cocoon cardiganCocoon Cardigan CAL – Oombawka Design.  This is one of my favorite sites for so many reasons, but for today it is because it hosts a different CAL project every month.  For July it is a Cocoon Cardigan.  It is one of those big wrap around yourself and make a tent kind of cardigan that I am dying to make.  I know it is going to be my go to sweater this fall!

Garden Romp CAL – Dearest Debi. It is a 60 inch square blanket that started in June 2017 and will be releasing new parts of the pattern through September 2017.  I love the look of the blanket and want to add it to the list of things to do.  The pattern is free on her website, or you can buy a copy on Ravlery.  You won’t have to worry about missing a release because she has set up a Facebook Event page that you can follow for announcements and publishing dates.

KAL_4-1024x576Textured Triangle Shawl KAL – Marly Bird.  If you have ever seen my blog before you know of my undying fan girl love for Marly Bird.  When I saw she was doing a KAL for a shawl I went shopping that day for more yarn. The thing that makes this KAL awesome is she does a video for each stage of the KAL and you see every step.  I am not going to lie – this is the first thing I have knit in almost 3 years. A baby can pull out one knitting needle and the whole thing can be lost so easy so I have been sticking to crochet. I am so happy I made it, I used the recommended yarn and it is so thick and luxurious that I had to turn the AC down so I could wear it for a night.

ScheepjesHyggeCAL-Black-1Hygge CAL (2017 Scheepjes CAL) – Haakmaarraak.  This CAL is not for the faint of heart or the novice.  It is from the Neatherlands and has been translated on this site by this years designer.  If you want you can purchase a yarn kit in one of 5 color ways or you can find your own yarn and use the published pattern.  The thing that makes this CAL unique is that it uses top stitching and embroidery over the crocheted body of the wrap.  But don’t let me scare you off because they have written out instructions for every stage; and those instructions are translated into more than 10 different languages!  This one is going on my todo list for myself as well.

ELK-Studio-Christmas-Present-CAL-2017-AnnouncementChristmas Present CAL – Elk Studios.  Free This is a unique one because they are going to be doing 5 different Christmas themed projects from July to October.  There is a Facebook group you can join for help and support. I am not sure what the specific projects are yet but that is part of the fun of a CAL you find out as you go.

Pattern-Paradise-Seaside-Garden-Throw-Crochet-Along-1Seaside Garden Throw CAL – Pattern Paradise.  This CAL is going to make a blanket using different squares in one of two sizes. It runs from June – August 2017.  She also has a facebook group set up for the CAL so your not going to be stuck on your own trying to figure something out, and there will be plenty of people to love your pictures – because you know your family is just going say they love it and not really look.

7498_medium2_smallNoo Noo the Doll CAL – Lolly’s Crafty Crochet.  This CAL is for a doll not a blanket!  It is a free pattern on Ravelry with a Facebook Group you can join that is focused on the Designer’s patterns.  I have to admit I have made a Noo Noo doll for my daughter and she loved it.  It was the only baby she wanted for along time.  You are going to love these dolls.

Crochet-with-Me-Winter-2017-CAL-Week-12-Finale.pngCrochet With Me CAL – Beatrice Ryan Designs.  This is a fun site! She has a page full of CAL patterns that have already finished but are still available, with the current project on top.  Right now she is hosting the Winter 2017 CAL for a striped blanket with a huge pointed star (flower?) in the middle.  There is a Facebook group you can join for the CAL, and I know I have told you how great those are already!

These are just some of the KAL & CAL’s that I have had my eye on.  If you know of one that is starting, in progress, or just so awesome we need to see it – then please leave me a comment below and I will get it in next month’s roundup!

Cotton Yarns from knitpicks.com

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