Stitchin’ Saturday #27

This week I have been one busy hooker.  I finished 2 squares for the Moogly 2017 CAL, and I almost finished a tassel shawl class Marly Bird is teaching on CreativeBug, started a dress for Mermaid that is going to look like Elsa’s dress, and did a few rows on my Lavender Fields Blanket. But that was all after I filled a few orders from the store.


I am excited though, I have a new obsession.  Irish Lace.  I was looking through the few classes they have on crochet that I haven’t already bought.  Seriously people I have a lot of them. I have watched the whole thing while working on other projects and I am so inspired.  I have been looking for something I could make that was unique for me and my stores.  Don’t get me wrong I love making baby blankets and Amigurumi dolls and they will stay up there but I have been wanting to make something that was just my design.  I think I am going to start with a bag or a pillow.

I am so excited about it, besides the designs that she gives you in the class (which are plenty to get started) I have bought 4 paperback books on making different motifs and free form crochet.  I think that I like the Irish lace more than the solid form of free form crochet but I have plans for that too.  I love anything tree related and I want to figure out a way to make a tree of life art hanging. I have done the wire wrapped tree of life pendants before and I want to figure out how to do that on a larger scale with crochet!

I swear my crojo is going crazy this week people!  I have updated my Ravelry account with all my wips too (which took a while), if your on Ravelry then look me up and add me as a friend.  If not go sign up it is a free site and a great way to meet crochet/ knitting/ weaving/ spinning friends and they have thousands of free and paid for patterns.

blinking cat's wips



  • Bumble Bee Doll < Etsy Order
  • Tassel Shawl < 75% done this week!
  • Elsa Dress < Started
  • Highlander’s Poncho – Father In Law’s Birthday  < Need to start
  • Dragon Scarf  < Need to start
  • Heating Pad Cover
  • Lavender Fields Blanket  < made progress
  • Pixel Blanket
  • Curvy Girls Sweater
  • Pineapple Blanket – Birthday Gift
  • Fingerless Mitts – Christmas Gift
  • Moogly CAL < Finished 2 squares


  • Darn Good Yarn Kit – Frogged it.  Saving the yarn for something else.
  • Seam last year’s friendship square blanket


  • Mermaid’s Quilt


  • Lazy Day’s Skirt  < watched the video. So that’s a good step right?

Cross Stitch

  • Garden Sampler


Go Get Stitchy!

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