Stitchin’ Saturday #28

Remember last week when I was full of hope and light and could not wait to start trying out Freeform crochet and Irish Lace?  Well now I am also full of apprehension – what if I use the wrong yarn? What if I just hate the result? What if, what if, what if.  I have been flipping through the books I bought that are full of motifs and dreaming up plans of things to make with them.  I think right now I am going to try using cotton yarn, and making a forest themed rug for my daughter’s room.  That would work right? Now I just have to go buy an untold amount of cotton yarn to make it. So in an effort to avoid working on the freeform crochet I made Mermaid a Snow Princess Dress and have been teaching myself C2C.

The Snow Princess Dress is a free pattern on Red and is actually pretty easy.  I made the whole dress and all of the parts in 2 days.  I added some extra trims and changed the snowflakes – I am working on a post for Monday that has my pattern review and the changes I made so you can make your own. So make sure and check back for it.

I am also making a set of graphgan panels to make her a pillow.  So far I am half way through the first one and not sure how people do this all the time with huge detailed pictures.  I have 5 balls of yarn juggling around to make the back end of a fox and I am tempted to set the whole mess on fire in the back yard fire pit.  Seriously.  I know that I am going to be making a pillow and it doesn’t matter if I just trail the yarn across the back because it is going to be sewn to the inside, but how do people do this for a blanket?  You could potentially have over 100 ends to weave in!  I don’t think I have ever been that committed to any project ever.  I would have to develop an easy way to back the panel if I ever did this as a blanket – because there is no way I would sew that many ends in!  And how people make them and sell them for less than $100 each for a baby blanket I have no idea.  You should be paid that much for weaving in the ends alone.

I am excited about a new feature I found on!  I signed up this week to be a Red Heart Coach.  If you have a good knowledge base on working with patterns in either knitting or crochet (or both) you can sign up to answer questions on Red and help other crafters.  I know your thinking – wait isn’t that why they have a customer service department? Well yeah, but they may not know how to do everything, or if it is 2 am they probably aren’t open.  But Betty Sue over in Alabama could be up and ready to help someone while she is scrolling through the site looking for a pattern.  So wish me luck! and if you get stuck on a Red Heart pattern or need help with their yarn go to their site and ask a Coach.

I am working on my August list of KAL & CAL.  So far I have a few but if you know of a new one or one in progress leave a comment below and I will add it to the round-up!

blinking cat's wips


  • Tassel Shawl < avoiding trimming the tassels even
  • Elsa Dress < Finished
  • Woodland Pillow < Working on the panels
  • Highlander’s Poncho – Father In Law’s Birthday  < Need to start
  • Dragon Scarf  < Need to start
  • Heating Pad Cover < Finished – writing the pattern out to publish
  • Lavender Fields Blanket  < made progress
  • Pixel Blanket < hibernating
  • Curvy Girls Sweater < just need to seam the edges
  • Pineapple Blanket – Birthday Gift
  • Fingerless Mitts – Christmas Gift
  • Moogly CAL


  • Nothing.


  • Mermaid’s Quilt


  • Lazy Day’s Skirt

Cross Stitch

  • Garden Sampler


Go Get Stitchy!


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