Stitchin’ Saturday #29

This week I have buckled down and started working on the poncho for my Father In Laws birthday.  I wasn’t able to find one that I liked so I started designing my own.  After spending most of the week trying out different stitch patterns to see which one I thought looked both manly and nice over a large block of fabric I have settled on some braids with flat dc fabric.  I am half way through with the panels then I have to figure out the border.  I think the part that I am most excited about is that I am going to publish it for sale.  I hope to get it finished and ready before fall but it is awfully close so I don’t know.  What do yall think sell it on Etsy or Ravelry? Probably both.  ~ Not going to share pics because you know – surprise factor and everything.

I also got accepted as a test knitter for a pretty two colored shawl this week.  I bought some yarn this week to be ready when she gets the pattern ready.  If you want to try your hand at test knitting or crocheting for designers there are a couple of groups you can join on Ravelry where they ask for testers.  I found this opportunity in one of my Facebook groups.  (If you have never done this before don’t worry you will do awesome as long as you have the basics down. Some designers like to have confident beginners because they won’t correct as they go, they follow the patterns as written.  You won’t get paid to do this, but you will get the pattern for free and make some new friends!)

I think I have also decided on my first free form crochet project.  I bought some soft cotton yarn and I am going to make a fairy rug for my daughters room.  Now I just have to get to it!

Good news on the CAL/ KAL List for next month! I have several new ones for you to check out next month.  I will publish the list on Aug 3 (there are a few that won’t start until after the 1st and I want to make sure I get their active links for you.

blinking cat's wips


  • Elsa Dress < Click here for my pattern review!
  • Tassel Shawl < avoiding trimming the tassels even
  • Woodland Pillow < Need to buy the form and seam the last side
  • Highlander’s Poncho < Half way there!
  • Lavender Fields Blanket  < hibernating
  • Pixel Blanket < hibernating
  • Curvy Girls Sweater < just need to seam the edges
  • Pineapple Blanket < hibernating
  • Moogly CAL


  • Test Knit Shawl – just waiting for the pattern


  • Mermaid’s Quilt


  • Lazy Day’s Skirts < Mermaid can only wear skirts/ dresses to school so I need to make these soon.

Cross Stitch

  • Garden Sampler

Go Get Stitchy!

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