August 2017 – CAL & KAL Roundup

KAL & CAL ROUNDUPSThis is the second month of my KAL & CAL Roundup, and I think I am even more excited this month.  I had a lot of comments and chatter about last months that I have some new ones that are getting started this month you will love!

Quick Disclaimer:  I am going to give you the info and the links on how to find these awesome KAL & CAL.  I won’t give you the actual patterns here because that would infringe on the designers who put so much effort in to these projects.  I am not an affiliate for any of these sites, I just love sharing the yarn love with everyone.  I am sure you are going to find something you just can’t live without making!

#1 Yarn Addict KAL

Anniken Allis
(c) Anniken Allis

Anniken Allis is hosting a Shawl KAL to celebrate launching her new Facebook Group – Love of Lace Knitting.  It starts on July 31 and goes till mid-September 2017.  You have to buy her pattern on her Ravelry shop for about $4.75 (if you join her Facebook Group you will get a coupon code for 40% off).  You will need 3 (150g) balls of yarn and beads to make this gorgeous shawl; but if you don’t want to spend time shopping for the materials she has kits you can buy!  She is making this as easy as she can!  The stitches that you will need to know to do the project are just Knit, Purl, Cast on, and Cast Off.  If you are hesitant about making a lace beaded shawl don’t be, she is going to be putting up tutorial videos on everything you need to know to do the shawl: casting on, adding beads, working short rows, and how to read charts.

#2 Camomile CAL – Mystery Shawl

(c) Chamomile Mystery CAL

This is one of the first Mystery CAL I have ever followed! It starts on August 17, 2017 and will last for 9 weeks.  So you have time to buy the pattern on Ravelry for about $4.30.  One of the best parts of this mystery cal is that you only need the basics of chain, single, half double, and double stitches to make the shawl. If your an adventourous beginner you can make a beautiful project, figure out Ravelry, and make some friends in her Ravelry Group.  I have always wondered how a mystery cal avoids spoilers on social media when people want to post their photos, because who doesn’t want to show off some awesome crochet skills?  To avoid spoilers they made a spoiler alert photo you can use! You just make it the first photo in the gallery and then add your other photos behind it and then other participants can decide if they want to check it out or keep the mystery going till they catch up.  How awesome is that?

#3  No Frill Lace Shawl KAL

no frills shawl KAL
(c) Petra Machova Kourilova

This KAL is hosted by Petra in the Pipa Yarns & Petra Plete group on Ravelry.  It runs from Aug 4 – Sep 22, 17.  You have to buy the pattern on Ravelry for $5.99.  You only need to know how to knit, purl, K2TOG, SSK, and yarn over to make this project, but if you get hung up there is a thread in the Ravelry Group where you can get help and talk about the project with other people in the KAL.  If you want a shawl but don’t want to deal with large openwork lace areas, ruffles, or an overly flowery design then you are going to love this project.  It is a half cerescent shap and the lace is int he form of stripes.  This is definitely going on my Get Stitchin’ List = my sister is going to love it for Christmas.  *If you buy the pattern before August 6, 2017 use the code “NOFRILL” and get 15% off the pattern price.

#4 Prairie Cats KAL

(c) Solene Le Roux @ Solene Knits

This one is a bit different – it is for socks! Not just any plain jane boring sock either, it has cats on them in neat little rows from the cuff to the toes! It is run by Solene from Solene Knits.  You have to purchase this pattern on Ravelry for $4.91.  The thing that makes this one different is after you purchase the pattern, you sign up for her website newsletter and she sends you 5 tutorial videos directly to your inbox over the course of 2 weeks to help you with all the techniques you are going to use to make the socks. Seriously people look at those cute little cats! I tried knitting socks once and decided that for the love of Pete it was not my thing.  Now I have to buck up and get over it because I need these socks in my life.


#5 Manitoba Fibre Festival KAL

(c) Manitoba Fibre Festival

This one is a bit different.  The Manitoba Fibre Festival is hosting a KAL of 13 different patterns that were released just for the Festival.  You have to pay for each design but they are on sale until Aug 6, 17 – you will get 30% off when you check out automatically.  The Festival has a Ravelry Group that anyone can join and participate in – even if you can’t get to the festival!  If you post pictures of your finished designs on the FO thread you are entered to win prizes!  Who doesn’t love to win a prize?  Need another reason? Wear your FO to the festival and you will get Free Admission!


There is also a Harry Potter KAL that is going to start in August.  If I can get the info this week I will make an update to this post and let you know about it this month. If not I will add it to next month’s list.  It runs from Aug 15 – Nov 15 so there is plenty of time!

I hope you found something that gets your yarn mojo going! Go Get Stitchy!

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