Stitchin’ Saturday #30

You ever just want to live in a world where the wifi is broadcast across the globe like a shining sphere of happiness?  Have a permanent connection to the internet no matter where you are that is not dependent on a company to pipe it into your house without fail?  You know because you pay them a couple hundred dollars a month for the privilege of having hundreds of tv channels that you never watch because the ones you do want are in separate packages? Well I do.  I am one step away from divorcing my cable company after a mostly happy relationship of 13 years.  This weekend marked day 22 of no service because they are ‘doing preventative maintenance in my area’.  How the hell is it preventative if they keep taking away my service?  So if any one was on pins and needles worried about where I have been I have been trapped in a house with no tv and no internet and a 3 year old.  Did you know there is a limit to the number of times one adult woman can watch the Frozen movie?  My limit is 3 in one day apparently.

So on a happier note I did have time to get some work done.  I made a hippo and koala for an Amazon order, which just made me happier than a pig in fresh mud.  I love making Amigurumi dolls and sending them out in the world for people to love.  I finished my tassel shawl for the Creative Bug Class I took and I love how it turned out.  Originally I thought I would gift it to my mom because tassels generally aren’t my thing, but this one is just different and cute and I love it.

I have the August CAL & KAL Round-up posted! Please go check it out there are several on there that are so awesome I have them on my To Do list.  If you know of a CAL/ KAL that is going to start in September or has started but runs through September let me know and I will put it in next month’s round up.  I am thinking about adding challenges if any one wants to know more about those just let me know!

I started work on the pattern I am test knitting.  It is the Cheshire Shawl for Artesanitarium.  I was worried when I looked at the picture that I would have to work a section, go back and pick up stitches on the side to do the next all the way across because of the way the strips go, but she is a designing genius because you just have to work in regular rows and the pattern forms with jus 8 increases on each right side of the row.  I am putting pictures up on my Instagram as I go, I don’t have good one handy right now because I am typing this in a McDonalds while my 3 year old is running around the play ground like she is being chased by a dementor.  Do you know the joy of taking your laptop to McDonalds to get some work done with a 3 year old?  No? Neither did the last customer service guy I talked to, though he did sound properly terrified of the prospect.

I am almost done with the Highlander Poncho too!  I am working out the border trim right now. Then I have to finish writing the pattern.  I am going to be looking for a group of test crocheters to try the pattern for me.  If you want to make a poncho let me know and I will put you in the tester group.  I have never had a tester group for something I have written before so fingers crossed it goes well.  I hope to have it as a published pattern on Ravelry by mid September.

That is about it for me right now.  Mermaid is trying to climb the outside of the playground structure so I have to run.

Go Get Stitchy!


2 thoughts on “Stitchin’ Saturday #30

  1. Oh my! That sounds like a nightmare! I’m preparing for a full on electricity outage tomorrow for a few hours while they do some upgrades in my area. I have plenty of yarn and I just need to fill a thermos with coffee and I’ll be all set! I don’t have a three year old so I’m lucky I will only need to entertain myself. 😀

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