Stitchin’ Saturday #32

There is an affiliate link for the Lazy Days Skirt Class Below.


Pattern ReviewSo I didn’t post my update last weekend like I have been.  It has gone down in history as the Horrible Unraveling of 2017.  Remember the Cheshire Shawl I am test knitting for Artesanity?  Well I thought it was safely put away in a zippered project bag, on a shelf in my office – where pets and toddlers fear to roam.  Apparently I was wrong on that last part.  At some point last Saturday when I was cleaning and doing house stuff (i.e. not knitting) my beloved daughter went into said office and got said project bag.  She wanted to help Mommy with her work.  So she helped me with my knitting.  While I appreciate the effort I think we have some work to do on her tension.  And her ability to keep the knitting needles in the work – because that really helps.  The awesome part is when she was done helping she was thoughtful enough to zip it back up, put it back on the shelf, and close the door.


I found it Saturday night and had the Great Breakdown of 2017.  To say Hubby didn’t react well to the Great Breakdown of 2017 was an understatement.  Turns out he may have fallen asleep on the couch at some point when I was in the shower after I had finished with the housework.  Bless his heart he tried to understand the problem he really did.  But when I explained (in a completely calm and reasonable manner) that I had been working on that shawl for 2 weeks and it only needed a border and now it was a big unraveling runny pile of yarn instead of a beautiful striped shawl, well he got a little frantic because I may not have been as ‘calm’ as I thought I was.  The result? He handed me a handful of money and told me to buy more yarn.  Then ten minutes later he added, and I quote, “This would make a good blog post.  You can talk about being upset after it all went to hell and that there is always more yarn to buy and stuff to make.”  Sometimes that man just deserves pie.

I am happy to report that I have recovered from both the Great Unraveling and the Great Breakdown of 2017 and I am working on the shawl again.  I did take the handful of money and go buy some new yarn for the project.  The original was a sock weight and while it was gorgeous it takes forever to knit 12 inches of fabric in what is basically stockinette stitch.  So I have gone up to a worsted weight in hopes of still making the deadline of having it done.  On a happy note the designer sent out version 6 of the pattern the same morning I bought the new yarn so she has someone to test it just based off the new version.  Serendipity right?


This last week however I have been busy working on a few things I have sold on my Amazon Handmade store.  I love making things for people who are going to love it.  I had someone ask me this week why I have my shops online if I only sell a handful of items a month.  Honestly I know that I am never going to support my family full time through my shops but if I keep myself in yarn then it is worth it.  Plus I love the knowledge that somewhere out there a kid has been given a blanket I handmade, and it has the possibility of being their security blanket.  That it is going to be what they want to cuddle and wrap up in.  If they are half as happy with theirs as my daughter is with hers then it is so worth it.

I am so excited I can’t stand myself.  For years I have toyed with the idea of sewing clothes.  After I made one really disastrous wrap skirt that literally fell apart while I was wearing it – at work.  It was so awful, I stood up to leave after a meeting with a dozen coworkers and when I did I realized that the waist band had somehow separated from the body of the skirt for a good 3 inches across my lower back.  So there was an obvious hole that my little sweater set would not cover.  Turns out if you use a woven material you need to do a lot of stabilizing to make sure that it doesn’t just unravel around the seams.

But now that I have Mermaid and she can wear clothes for a good couple of months without growing right out of them I am going to start sewing clothes for her.  I finally made the Lazy Days Skirt from the CreativeBug class I signed up for.  All together it took me an hour and a half from start to finish.  It took me a little longer because I did a French seam for the side of the skirt.  I was paranoid about it splitting when she played and I didn’t want her to have the same embarrassing situation as I did.  She loves it.  I am going to be writing a post on it soon, so watch for it.  But if you have an hour, about 20 inches of fabric (salvage to salvage) then you can make it too!

blinking cat's wips


All American Baby Blanket – FINISHED! Amazon Order

Small Toy Hippo Doll – Amazon Order

Highlander Poncho

Lavender Fields Blanket


Moogly CAL



Cheshire Shawl – Test Kitting > Round 2 in progress



Lazy Days Skirt – FINISHED!



Mermaid’s Quilt




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