Stitchin’ Saturday # 33

This week was another week from hell.  Seriously I am thinking about having a shaman come smudge my house and get rid of evil spirits.  Mermaid brought home her first cold from K4 – she had it for 12 hours, Hubby had it for 12 hours, I am on day 5. Woke up to a broken AC unit, in Florida.  Luckily my brother in law was able to fix it that afternoon.  Tried Honey Bunches of Oats – Maple and Brown Sugar, sounds delicious right? There was a hull left from one of the pecans and I literally broke my tooth in half and had to get a crown.  A $1300 (after insurance) crown! Have I ever told you of my paralyzing fear of all things dentist related? It took valiums to get me in there and have them fix my tooth.  They gave me another for the day I have to have the temporary replaced with the final one, you know because they were worried about me losing my ever loving mind when they came at me with the drill.  All because I wanted to try a new cereal. So if anyone knows a good shaman let me know.

My crafting this week has all been spent on the Cheshire Shawl that I am test knitting.  I am making progress on it, but it is definitely a car ride, watching tv kind of pattern.  It is just knits and purls repeated for the whole shawl (not counting the Icord edges).  I think it would be an awesome first project for a knitter who wants to learn how to do color work.  You have to carry the two colors up one side to make the stripes and then in the straight stripe area you slip stitches and carry yarn across the back to form the stripes.  I am about half way through my second version (see last week’s post to read about the Great Unraveling of 2017) and I really like this version better.  Of course the yarn is thicker so it works up quicker, but I love that it is going to be so much warmer.  When we move to the mountains next year it is going to get a lot more wear than the lighter sock weight version would have.  I really like the I Cord Cast On now that I know how to do it!

I am gathering info for the September make along roundup.  Starting in October I am going to include links for Quilt a-longs and Sew a-longs.  I have been listening to a lot of new podcasts and getting myself geared up to do some sewing.  After the success of the Lazy Days Skirt for Mermaid (It has been washed and worn and is holding up perfectly) I am all gung ho on getting started sewing clothes for myself.  We have a trip to Disney World at the end of October and I want to make myself some shorts before we go.  I have an odd body shape and pants and shorts are hard for me to find that fit great.  Heck I would be ecstatic if I could just find some shorts that (a) don’t roll under my stomach and bunch up around my hips, (b) don’t get all stretched out so they are 2 sizes to big after I wear them for a few hours, most importantly (c) they don’t pooch out at the butt and make me look like I am wearing a dirty diaper.  Who the hell wants to look like they have diaper butt because their shorts can’t keep their shape?  At any rate, if any one knows of a good designer I could try for these types of patterns please leave me a comment below!

blinking cat's wips


Small Elephant Doll – Etsy Order

Highlander Poncho

Green Pineapple Blanket

Curvy Girl Sweater

Lavender Fields Blanket

Moogly CAL


Cheshire Shawl


Mermaid’s Quilt

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