Stitchin’ Saturday #34

This week was a lot less eventful thank heavens.  Apparently threatening my house with a shaman cleansing has made almost everything behave.  Except for the dog, he gave himself a hotspot on his front leg and is now wearing the cone of shame.


I spent most of this week working on the Cheshire Shawl that I am test knitting.  I am still loving it, but I still think it would be great for someone who is traveling, learning, or going to a knitting circle because of the easy pattern.

I created a little tote bag this week.  I am looking for a way to carry just my phone and my keys with me when I have to drop off and pick up Mermaid from school.  Sure it would be nice if I had pockets to carry them in but every woman know that her smart phone and a big set of keys are not going to fit into any pocket that you will find on her clothes – unless she is wearing cargo pants.  That could be a solution but then I would have to get 5 pairs of cargo pants and never wear one of my knit dresses again.  That would be sad.  So I made a little tote and tried it out.  It worked ok, but the first day the keys fell out the top. So I went back and added a band of elastic around the top to keep them in.  Well Mermaid has decided that she needs it more than I do and has taken it.  She explained that I could make myself another.  I quote, “Mommy this one should be for me, I love it.  You could make another one for you.  Won’t that be fun mommy? You get to sew more.”  Well she does have a point right?


The rest of my crafty time this week has been spent on making some dolls for orders on Amazon.  I have to say I love making the stuff when people buy from my shops.  I love the thought that someone out there is going to love and cuddle it and be happy with something I made.  This weeks orders were for a bumble bee and a pig doll.

I am thinking of making a new set of cookie mats for the store.  I have some that Mermaid uses when she eats a snack, it is half napkin, half placemat and she loves thme.  I love that I can just throw them in the washer and not have to use a plate every time she wants a snack.  What do you think world? Would you love to use a cotton mat for your kids (or yours – I totally use them) so that you don’t have to wash dishes or throw away a paper towel every time?

Now I don’t do this often but I am an affiliate for Craftsy.  You know the one where you make the free account and then you buy the classes you want to learn?  Well they are having a free day on Labor Day (Sept 4) where you can watch any class for free.  Seriously I have some that I have been debating on, I am going to go watch some of each of them so I can decide what to put on my wish list.  Honestly there are some in areas that I haven’t tried before like cooking and gardening that I am going to check out while they are free.  Please use this link and if you end up buying anything I will get a little commission at no cost to you to help support my yarn habit.

blinking cat's wips


Amazon Order – Pig Doll < Finished

Amazon Order – Bumble Bee < Finished

Lavender Fields Blanket

Highlander Poncho

Pineapple Blanket

Curvy Girl Sweater

Moogly CAL


Chesthire Shawl


Mini  Tote < Finished


Mermaid’s Jelly Roll Quilt


Learn to Knit Kits from

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