Stitchin’ Saturday #35

This week there has been little time for getting crafty.  I live in Florida (Panhandle Area) and we have been watching Hurricane Irma and the other two storms brewing down here.  There has been daily searches for hurricane supplies, a gas station that has gas, and getting the go bags packed for Mermaid, Hubby, Myself, the 2 cats and the 2 dogs.  Luckily it looks like the storm cone is going to miss my area, but I am still so worried for the rest of my state.

When not prepping I have been finishing up the Highlander Poncho for my Father-in-law’s birthday.  I love how this thing turned out.  I am going to be taking pictures and finishing up the written instructions.  I think I am going to look for some pattern testers in the next month or so. If you know anyone who wants to make a unisex poncho that is warm and thick.  I has a simple braid that would be good for a beginner who wants to try cables. Leave a comment below with your email if your interested!

crochet-ever-afterI published my Monthly Roundup this week and I am so excited about it.  I have already started working on the Pigskin Party and the September Stash Bust.  I started on the Dragon Neckwarmer from the book Crochet Ever After (it is the one on the cover).  This is the second project I am making out of this book and I love it.  I need to see if she has written anything else.  I love the detail that she gives in her patterns and the way they look.  Seriously go check that book out.  I need to do a few more projects out of the book so that I can give you a proper review on the book, but till then just know that I think it is awesome.

ss27 1I am hoping to get caught up on my Moogly CAL this week too.  I hit a bit of a wall working on it over the last month or so because I couldn’t decide what to do with the finished blanket.  There are only so many afghans I can keep for myself right.  I was thinking about what I want to donate to the Ronald McDonald House this year for the holiday season and it hit me.  Who says I have to take all 24 blocks and sew them into one large blanket?  So rebel that I am I am going to take the squares and make several smaller blankets.  The only part that I am unsure on right now is how to break them up into smaller blankets.  I know that the House takes kids from newborn to teenagers but would a teenager appreciate the blanket like a kid would?  If I remember right the Moogly CAL has 24 squares so I could make a lapghans with 6 squares, toddler blankets with 4 squares, preemie blankets with 1 square and a large border.  What are yall planning to do with your Moogly squares?

blinking cat's wips


Highlander Poncho < Finished!

Lavender Fields Blanket
Dragon Neckwarmer
Pineapple Blanket
Curvy Girl Sweater
Moogly CAL


Cheshire Shawl


Daisy Chain Quilt < Mermaid

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