Stitchin’ Saturday #36

*Affiliate Disclosure:  There are 2 links to Craftsy in the Getting Crafty Section for the Sweater and Quilt Class.

This week has been a much better week in the Blinking Cat house.  The hurricane passed us by and nothing horrible has happened to us {Thank Goodness!}.  It hit south Florida pretty hard though and they are going to need a lot of help getting back on their feet.  If you are looking for a way to help check out this link.  Scroll down to the header for Disaster Assistance and Volunteer Information.  It has information directly from the Governor Scott’s office and you won’t have to worry about donating to a scam or a ‘relief fund’ where only $0.10 of every $1.00 goes to actually help people.


I have discovered a bunch of new podcasts.  I am loving them.  I am sure you know that I always listen to The Yarn Things Podcast every week (I can’t wait until they go back to twice a week!) but I have found several more that I am loving.  They are all free on ITunes or what ever podcast service you use so try them when you get a chance and let me know what you think.  Do you have a podcast? Leave me a note in the comments section and I will check it out!

Top 3 Podcasts This Week

  1. Clothes Making Mavens:  If you are interested in making clothes this is a great one to listen to.
  2. Down Cellar Studio:  She hosts the Pigskin Party from this month’s roundup
  3. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books:  If you love romance novels these ladies will keep you in stitches.  They talk about everything book related and don’t pull any punches.



I am so stinking excited I finished the Dragon Neck Warmer from Crochet Ever After.  I am going to do a whole post on it soon because I am getting a lot of feedback on it on Instagram.  This is the second thing I have made from this book, and I think I am going to make a pair of the Snow White Gloves for myself too.IMG_8327

IMG_8352I have been busy catching up on my Moogly CAL and finished 3 squares this week, and the tips and tricks posts to go with them.  Look for one every Monday for the next few weeks.  This week’s tips were for Square 13.



Prepping the ShirtsI started a new quilt this week too.  Hubby has a friend who has over 50 different Hard Rock City Shirts he wants made into a quilt.  He has been asking about it for a few years now and he is getting serious enough to ask for a price quote.  So I did all the math and gave him a quote.  Then I realized he might want to see a tee shirt quilt that I have acutally made.  Sure I can show him dozens of pictures of patchwork quilts I have made over the years but tee shirt quilts are a bit different – so I started making one for myself with shirts I have been saving.  I am following the class Tee Shirt Quilts: Start to Finish on Craftsy.  It is going to be 3 shirts wide by 5 shirts long on the front.  I couldn’t decide what color scheme to go with for the sashing and the borders because all the shirts are so different, then it hit me – black.  I am hoping it has a bit of a stain glass effect letting all the squares shine on their own.  So far so good.

Guage SwatchBecause working on a quilt top with a 3 year old trying to help isn’t on my list of favorite things to do I also started a new sweater for myself this week.  It is a kit that I got on Craftsy too.  The One Piece Sporty Cardigan.  I love this thing.  I have worked on it for about 9 hours and I already have a sleeve and part of the body done.  I might end up making it in more than one color.  I just checked and made sure it is still available; guess what it is and it is on sale for less than $24!


I also spent some time sorting through some of the crafty things I have stored out in the garage.  I thought I had a walking foot for my sewing machine that I had bought forever ago.  (Side note I realized this week that my sewing machine is 14 years old!  Seriously Yall 14!)  I never found the walking foot but I did find a quilt that I started before I moved to Florida and completely forgot about!  Along with a whole box of sewing patterns I still want to try, and another box of cross stich projects that need the outlining done so they will be finished too.  I wish there was a service where you could send your cross stitch projects so they could do all the outlining for you like you can send out your quilt tops for someone to do the quilting for you.  I would seriously pay money for that.  I would do it myself but then I hate to do it so much they always get stuck at that point.



Dragon Neck Warmer < Done!

Moogly Square 13 < Done!

Moogly Square 14 < Done!

Moogly Square 15 < Done!

Moogly Square 16 – Sitting in the corner, it knows what it did.

One Piece Sporty Cardigan – Started



Cheshire Shawl



Tee Shirt Quilt #1


Cross Stitch

Garden Bench Sampler



Lavender Fields Blanket

Pixel Blanket

Pineapple Blanket

Curvy Girl Sweater

Mermaid’s Quilt

The Lost Quilt


Cotton Yarns from

3 thoughts on “Stitchin’ Saturday #36

  1. Oh dear you’ve just reminded me of my t-shirt quilt that has been cut but nothing more for oh…. about 10 years. I think I got up to the stage of arranging pieces and then realising I needed some stabiliser on the the back to prevent pieces stretching out of shape when I sewed. And like you, my extra craft stuff is in the garage from when we last moved (including lost projects in progress). KT encourages me to go ‘shopping’ in the garage when I tell him “I just need to get some … from the craft shop”. He’s usually right 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mine says the same thing! When you start on the tee shirt quilt again get a square ruler for the tee shirts. After I had them prepped with the interfacing it took me 45 minutes to square up 16 shirts. It was so worth the $18.

      Liked by 1 person

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