Stitchin’ Saturday 38

12 weeks of christmas challengeI have been working on a lot of different things this fall and realized that I have only made one thing for Christmas so far!  Just one present out of a dozen is done and ready to go.  So I spent a good hour this morning going through my stash looking for any kits that I bought to make for someone, or what yarn I have to make something with out of all those pattern books stacked in the corner.

I realized that I honest to God have 8 totes full of Red Heart Yarns.  I use them for the Amigurumi dolls for my store, for scarves for my nephews, baby blankets, and you know generally everything out there.  So I am making a challenge for myself.  I am going to use my Red Heart Stash and create one project a week for the next 12 weeks for Christmas.  I think I am going to try and use the free patterns from their website, that way if any of you get interested in making one for yourself you can get the pattern and run with it.

santa pants picI can’t decide what I want to start with first.  Looking at their site they have a Joyful Home Look Book you can download for free with links to 38 different crochet & knitting projects for the Holidays.  I know I am going to make at least one of the Santa Pants Wine Gift bag – It is hilarious and you will want to make one too.  I also have to make 3 presents for the teachers in Mermaid’s K4 Class.  What do you make teachers for Christmas? I have never had to give teacher gifts so I have no idea.

If you want to join me in my fun drop your pics on my Facebook page or use #BCB2017Challenge so I can see what your are making.

*This is in no way sponsored by Red Heart.  I am not an affiliate or anything.  I just love their yarn and patterns.


a2This week I have been working on a few things.  I finished another set of my Snack Mats in the Falcon colors for Hubby.  Nothing like a new set of mats for the football season.  I posted them on social media and had someone ask me about the pattern.  So I published it on here.  I need to take better pictures so I can put a pin on Pinterest for it but that will have to wait until next week when Mermaid is in school.

4I finished my One Piece Sporty Cardigan and I love it.  I made the mistake of adding rows to the arm because when I held it up it looked like it would be to short.  Look for  a post next week talking about it.

I got caught up in the groove of seaming the Cardigan I dragged the Curvy Girl Tunic out of hibernation and did the seams on it too. I put it on my dress form to make sure they turned out even and now I am thinking I like it how it is.  There is supposed to be a large cowl neck on it.  I have been staring at it every day and I think I am going to leave it how it is.  That is the whole point of making these things for yourself right? So you can change them and make them yours?

2I got this month’s yarn in the mail for the Darn Good Yarn Club.  I couldn’t help it I had a night where I was in a bit of a funk and didn’t want to work on anything big because I had hurt my shoulder tripping over the dogs. So I whipped this up.  The pattern this week was a quick chain scarf with flowers at the end.  I ended up only using half the ball so I can still make another.  Win!

I have also been working on the Lavender Fields Blanket.  I really want to get it done and packed for the new house.  It is going to be the blanket that goes on our guest bed.  So I ma going to do at least a color set a week until it gets so big that I have to work on just half a color a week.  But we will cross that bridge when we get to it. I am loving this blanket so much I think that I am going to make a little one to give to a newborn at the Ronald McDonald House I donate to here in town.  What baby wouldn’t look adorable peeking out under one of these?

Remember last week when I talked about the Tee Shirt Quilt I am working on?  Well turns out people will pay for me to make them.  My Father In Law brought me 2 trash bags full of shirts to make him at least 2 finished blankets, and a friend of mine is already sorting through their stash to find what they want in their quilt.  I have made progress on it too, despite Ranger helping with the ironing and Dorian wanting to start sleeping on it now.  I finished piecing the back together and spray basted the layers together.  Quilting with straight stitches didn’t work how I thought it would on my machine.  So I turned to Craftsy and found a class on Free Motion Quilting with a regular sewing machine.  I love it.  I have watched the first part on just stippling and need to watch the part on linear designs.  I made a practice piece and it is going pretty good.  I am almost ready to try working on the quilt top.

Holy heck that is a lot when you get it all written down.  I swear that I do other things besides crafting.  Hubby was gone out of town this week for work though, and Mermaid has been falling asleep over an hour before her bedtime every day so I have had more time to get crafty than normal.

1This week I have a new Podcast that I am loving.  I am not going to lie while crafting this week I binged and listened to all their posted episodes so far.  She Can Make is hosted by two ladies in Canada – Kate and Lindsay.  They talk about all kinds of things that will keep you interested and giggling.  One of my favorite parts is where they talk about Kid Crafts – Lindsay has a toddler daughter and she sews!  Seriously a 3 year old with a sewing machine.  I have been stepping up the crafts I do with Mermaid.  Seriously go check it out.  There are 7 episodes so far.



Sporty One Piece Cardigain < Finished

Quick 90’s Chain Scarf < Finished

Snack Mats – Falcon Colors < Finished

Lavender Field Blanket < Progress

Curvy Girl Tunic < Seamed


My Tee Shirt Quilt < ready to start quilting


Pixel Blanket  < Thinking about turning into a pillow instead

C2C Forrest Pillow < I totally forgot that I still need to seam this and put it on a pillow

Pineapple Blanket

Daisy Chain Quilt

The Lost Quilt

Garden Bench Sampler

Cheshire Shawl




4 thoughts on “Stitchin’ Saturday 38

  1. I wish I could knit or sew.. I tried but gave up and started making jewelry which I absolutely love.. You are very talented my children are grown but I let my grand babies make jewelry.. Thanks for sharing..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! You are so sweet. I have tried making jewelry but get stuck making book
      Marks. I bet your grand babies love making jewelry with you. I will have to get some big plastic beads to try with Mermaid.


  2. I am a teacher, or was before Baby Amy came along. We got a lot of chocolate and wine, waaaaaay too much, so homemade gifts were always welcome. Some of my favourite gifts were things I could use or wear at school – a cool brooch, some earrings, fun socks, new water bottle. I would also have loved to get a lanyard set for my keys – like a long one that could go around my neck, and a short one that could clip into my school bag. Even better if it had my name discreetly on it … I was a shocker for losing keys and its better for the office to just give them to you, than have to use the school speaker or email system! Maybe some ideas there for you. Love your blog, keep it coming 🙂


    1. You are so sweet! Thank you!! I hadn’t thought about earrings! I could do those easy. I have made lanyards before but just for keycards. I will have to check out quilting one of those up! Thanks for the suggestions.

      Liked by 1 person

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