Stitchin’ Saturday 39

LogoI am so excited I made my very own Ravelry group for the Blog today!  I hope to one day run my own Make Alongs and challenges on there.  For right now I am going to use it to coordinate pattern testing and chatting with anyone who wants to join me in my 12 Weeks of Christmas challenge.

IMG_8302I have the Highlander Poncho ready to be tested by someone.  If you are a crocheter who can do double crochet, treble post stiches please let me know if you want to test this pattern for me!  I have a thread set up for it in the Ravelry Group. If you don’t have a Ravelry account (its free if you don’t) just leave me a comment below and I will get in touch with you.

2IMG_6665This week I have had a bit of trouble picking one project and sticking to it.  I did the round for this week on the Lavender Fields Throw. I tried the next square in the Moogly CAL I need to do but got mad at it again, and stuck it back in it’s box. This might be the first square I decide to skip because of the difficulty and the way it is designed it will not look good in a solid color.


I also finished the free motion quilting on my first Tee Shirt Quilt.  I have to say by the last column I have gotten much better.  I need to go back and undo the first column’s quilting but I have to wrestle it out from under Dorian before I will get that chance.  He has decided the quilt is his and he likes it just how it is.

IMG_8598I have started working on designing a cape.  It is going to be so awesome when I get it done.  I am being careful and writing down every row because I want to publish that pattern one day too.  It is going to have a hood and be long enough to reach my lower back at least.  I am debating on adding the arm holes so you can keep the flaps closed, but if I only use a hook clasp at the neck would it matter?  If anyone has made a cape before let me know if those arm slits made a difference when you wore it please.  The only capes I have made have been for Mermaid and didn’t have them.

IMG_8666I started work on Mermaid’s birthday sweater.  It is a funny story.  I found a pattern in the book Crochet At Play, called Silver Birch Tunic.  She can only wear dresses to school, so this one works out great (I just have to add an inch to the length so she can wear it to school with leggings).  I showed her the picture and she loved it. Then she starts flipping through the book to see what else is in there – as you do – and found another sweater she wants too.  It is called the Wolf.  It is a really cute little cardigan style with a hood that has ears on it.  I tried to explain that I only make her one sweater every year for her birthday and she would have to choose which one she likes better.  She thought about it for a minute then came back with the best response ever.  “Well you can make me the dress one, and Daddy will help you make the other from him!”  How do you argue with that? So guess who is getting two sweaters for her birthday this year?

12 weeks of christmas challengeIMG_8645I did my first week of the 12 Weeks of Christmas Challenge!  I picked the Holiday Ripple Garland because I think it would look good draped over the tops of the curtains to make them festive too.  Well I was almost done with it when Mermaid sees that I am working on something new.  She was convinced that it was going to be a scarf for her.  I tried to tell her it would be a scarf for the curtains but that didn’t go over well.  “Momma why do the curtains need a scarf? They just sit there and don’t go outside.  I go outside Momma.  I get cold.”  This was said with all the drama a three year old can produce including a hands clutched to her chest and a dramatic shiver.  So I made a smaller version with a smaller hook and boom she has a scarf.  When she tried it on it looked like it just needed something else so I added a pom pom to each end.  I love how it looks with the pom pom so I added it to the Garland that is going to be on the curtains – that don’t need a scarf.  Look next week for the short pattern review!

1bede sisters thumbnailThis week I have been enjoying the Bede Sisters Podcast.  She has a huge back list of episodes you can listen to.  She talks about her life in South Carolina, WIPs and FOs, yarn and other crafty things.  She has a Ravelry group that you can join and follow her Make Alongs and giveaways.  She is the host of the Double Dip KAL listed in my October Roundup.  If you go soon to check out her group there are two giveaways going on right now you can enter – one for yarn, and one for a pattern.  I am not sure if she ever does interviews (I am only 3-4 episodes in) but she shares enough info that you know your listening to a well produced yarn podcast.


Showed Some Love

Holiday Ripple Garland < Finished

Holiday Ripple Kid Scarf < Finished

St Andrews Cape < Started

Silver Birch Tunic < Started

Lavender Fields Throw < Progress

Moogly CAL < It is in the corner thinking about what it did wrong

Tee Shirt Quilt < Quilting finished, just need to rip out the first column and do it again

In Hibernation

Pixel Blanket  < Thinking about turning into a pillow instead
C2C Forrest Pillow < I totally forgot that I still need to seam this and put it on a pillow
Pineapple Blanket
Daisy Chain Quilt
The Lost Quilt
Garden Bench Sampler
Cheshire Shawl

Worsted Weight Yarns from

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