Week 1 of my 12 Weeks of Christmas Challenge


This post is a little late because I have been prepping the family and house for another hurricane.  Fingers crossed Nate dissolves into a puddle of nothing but shame in the Gulf and leaves us alone.

Adobe Spark

This week I decided to start with something easy and picked the Holiday Ripple Garland.  If you can do chains and double crochet you can do this.  The hardest part of the 3 row pattern is counting to 5 between the increase and decreases.

Red Heart PictureThe garlands are pictured put on a tree.  I am going to use mine over the curtain rods in the living room.  I am hesitant to put fairy lights over the curtains because it could be a fire hazard so this is the perfect solution.

The best part about making this garland was the conversation I had with Mermaid and the scarf I had to make after it.  I was working on the garland while she was playing in the living room.  She wandered over to see what I was working on and decided it was going to be a peppermint scarf for her.  I tried to explain that it was going to be a garland for the curtains at Christmas time.  She didn’t quite get the point of a garland but it clicked when I said it was a scarf for the curtains.  She thought about it for a minute and came back with, “Momma why do the curtains need a scarf? They just sit there and don’t go outside.  I go outside Momma.  I get cold.”

Adobe Spark

How do you argue with that?  So after I finished the garland I made her a scarf.  I used an F hook to make it smaller and tighter.  It needed something else though to make it a cute little girl scarf.  Pom Poms.  It needed pom poms.  So I broke out my pom pom makers and whipped one out.  It turned out so cute.  So I added pom poms to the garland as well using the bigger pom pom maker.  Now I am thinking that she had the right idea.  The curtains don’t get cold, but I will.


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