Stitchin’ Saturday #40

Pattern testers wantedIMG_8302I am ready to go with the Highlander Poncho Pattern.  I am looking for a couple more testers.  If you want to help me test this pattern let me know.  I want to send out the pattern Monday and have everything done by Nov 18.  That way I can publish it on Thanksgiving.

You would need appx 8 skeins of worsted weight yarn – 7 in the main color, and 1 in the border color.  It is about the size of a big baby blanket.  The hardest part is the braids that use FPTR.  If you are interested leave a comment below with your email and I will add you to my list or  I made a thread for it in my Ravelry Group.


This week I spent most of my time on the Tee Shirt Quilt.  It paid off because I finished it!  I had to wrestle it out from under the cat because he is convinced it is just for him.  I love how the black sashing worked out, and the back fabric is hilarious.  Actually it is probably why the cat is convinced it is for him.

IMG_8708I have been working on a simple stocking for my 12 weeks of Christmas challenge.  It is mostly worked flat and then seamed up the side.  I am working on the top white part right now then it will be done.  I hope to have the post about it out on Wednesday.

IMG_8676The only other thing I have been working on is the Silver Birch Tunic for Mermaid’s Birthday Sweater.  I have the yoke and most of the body done, I just have to finish adding some rows to the length so it is long enough for her to wear to school with some leggings.  This is the first time that I have used the Bernat Softee Baby Cotton Yarn.  I am loving it.  I am trying to figure out what I want to make for myself with it.  It feels like a silky bamboo cotton – but it is a cotton acrylic blend!


This week’s podcast isn’t string related.  It is Smart Podcast, Trashy Books.  If I am not crafting in some form I am reading a book – or I am listening to a book while crafting.  I am happy to say that I passed my 1200th book on this month.  The Smart Bitches Trashy Books podcast is based around romance novels.  They do book reviews, talk about going to romance novel conventions, authors, publishers, etc.  The main host is Sarah and then there are a group of hilarious women that come and go depending on what they are talking about in that episode.  This week they are giving recommendations for people who asked for them through their Patreon service.  Be warned though these are not vanilla romance novels or podcasts.  They talk about everything from virgin heros to tentacles on shifters and all the ways they are used.  I have been listening to them for several months and I love it.  I have started cherry picking in the older episodes when I see an author or book that I like in the description.  If you are fan of romance novels check out their website too.  They have reviews and articles there that aren’t covered in the podcasts.  I have discovered dozens of books from ones they recommend.

Pattern Review

This week’s Find of the Week is the spray glue for basting your quilts.  I swear to heaven I am never going to baste a quilt in any other way again.  I spread out an old sheet I use for making tents with Mermaid on the floor, then sprayed to my little heart’s content.  The best tip I have found is to spray the batting then smooth the back or front over in sections to make sure to get the fabric smooth and even.  After I had my queen quilt basted I was able to twist and fold the quilt sandwich a dozen different ways and quilt, then rip out large sections and requilt it again.  The spray baste held for 2 weeks while I finagled the thing through my machine without any problems.  I picked one can based on my craft store lady’s recommendation.  If you have a favorite brand leave me a comment below so I can try it out too.


Active WIPS

Tee Shirt Quilt < Finished!

Silver Birch Tunic < Progress

Simple Stocking < Progress

In Hibernation

St Andrews Cape

Lavender Fields Throw

Moogly CAL

Pixel Pillow

C2C Forest Pillow

Pineapple Blanket

Daisy Chain Quilt

The Lost Quilt

Garden Bench Sampler

Cheshire Shawl

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