Stitchin’ Saturday #43

Ok I know you have all been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for me to send out my weekly update.  Sorry I missed the last 2 weekends.  The first my family was in Disney World making memories.  Honestly I got some stitching done on the car ride down there, but after chasing Mermaid, Hubby and the  In-laws around all week I had a bad flare up and had to just be in bed for 2 days when we got home.  It didn’t help that I got another sinus infection from allergies down there.


I have a theory.  You know how they tell you to eat local honey and it will help prevent you from having allergies on a daily basis? What they don’t tell you is that it is going to mess your world up when you travel outside your normal zone.  Seriously.


This week I have been winding up a few projects.


I made a Pig Doll and sent it off to the nice lady in Kentucky who ordered it from my Amazon Store!  Thank you for that.

IMG_9826I did most of the hooking on the trip on the Cape I am designing.  I have one whole repeat of the cables down the back done, but I made a horrible discovery.  The thing has cables all over the back and I wanted to check how they look.  So I hung it up on my dress form, strung some clothes pins along the bottom to pretend that it had more weight and came back the next day.  The cables stretched and revealed holes where there really shouldn’t be any.  In the border it looks ok but in the main design on the back it just looks sad and wrong.  So I have to undo about 10 inches of the body and start all over with a different stitch combination to prevent the big holes.  If I had put lace in there some where it wouldn’t be so bad, but it is supposed to be a solid piece to keep me warm in the drop off line at school in the mornings.  Holes are not warm.

IMG_9658I tried the pattern that came this month for the Darn Good Yarn Monthly kit club.  I didn’t think it really matched the yarn.  It was for a tie on headband/ ear warmer which will be cute when made in a different yarn.  I didn’t like how it looked in the rough wool/ silk blend I got this month.  Plus this curly head of hair requires product.  A lot of product.  So anything I put on my head has to be washable, and I really don’t think a wool & silk blend can be tossed in the washer.  Instead I did a simple circle place mat to put under a big wooden bowl I bought at the last craft fair.  There it looks awesome.

I finished all the crochet work on Mermaid’s sweater dress that I am making for her birthday.  The other isn’t going to be finished by her birthday so maybe we will just call it a Christmas sweater?  Really how many sweaters does one 4 year old need?  Yep she is going to be 4 on Tuesday.  Where did all that time go?  Today she washed her own dishes after lunch and dinner.  No idea why she suddenly wants to wash dishes but I am not going to stop her.  You will have to wait for a photo on that one, I need to get 2 buttons tomorrow at Joann’s and then it will be ready for her to do a photo shoot.  It will be worth it, that thing is so dang cute.

Unfortunately I have no Podcast or Find of the week to share with you.  I know I stink, but I have stuff in the pipe line for next Saturday, and I have been spending a lot of time getting the Round up for November ready.  It is going to be a big list.  I am also trying to work on a list of just quilting make alongs for next year, so if you know of one starting let me know and I will include it.

12 weeks of christmas challenge

Looking for the update on the 12 Weeks of Christmas ?  Me too.  Turns out making a new thing a week while on vacation and then sick is a pretty hard thing to do when your crunching on a sweater for a kid.  I am going to catch up this week after the Birthday is over.

I am rethinking the challenge I was going to do next year – the 52 weeks of Red Heart.  It is looking more like the 12 Months of Red Heart instead!

Now go Get Crafty!


Pig Amigurumi – Amazon Order < Finished

Silver Birch Tunic – Mermaid’s Birthday Sweater < Finished

Simple Stocking < Finished

St Andrews Cape < Frogged it all and have to start again

Wolf Sweater  – progress made (the other birthday sweater)

DGY Kit – changed it to a trivet < Finished

Online Quilting Class

Poor Forgotten WIPS

Lavender Fields Throw

Moogly CAL

Curvy Girl Tunic

Pixel Pillow

C2C Forrest Pillow

Pineapple Blanket

Daisy Chain Quilt

Lost Quilt

Garden Bench Sampler

Cheshire Shawl

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