12 Projects of Christmas 2017 – #2


Ok first things first.  Lets be real, I am way behind on posting weekly for the 12 Weeks of Christmas Challenge.  So it is now the 12 Projects of Christmas Challenge.  Whew.  Weight lifted.  Even with the best intentions life gets in the way, so you just roll with it and make changes as you need right?

week 2

The second project I have made for this Christmas Challenge is a simple stocking.  Like every other hooker or knitch out there I have dreams of one day making beautiful stockings for the family and pets that will grace our mantle and be keepsakes in a hundred years because they are just so beautiful.  But in reality I have a toddler who tried to knock herself out last year pulling the stockings down so she could see what was in them.  Hence the Quick & Easy Stocking, a.k.a. the Decoy Stocking.  Yep.  I am going to give it to her on December 1st and use it as an advent gift stocking.  Every morning she can look in there and see what little treat the elves have left her.  Then hopefully leave the family stockings alone.


The pattern I used is the Quick and Easy Stocking on RedHeart.com.  It is a really easy project and a free pattern so you can’t go wrong.  If you can work single crochet, single crochet decrease, and double crochet then go grab your Super Saver yarn and get busy.  The hardest part about the project is the construction of the heel and toe.  The heel uses short rows (if you have never done them this is a great first project to try them out on!) and the toe is done in two triangles then sewn together.  I used scrap green and white yarns from previous projects and way less than half a skein of the red.  If you need to buy yarn you could easily save a few dollars by doing the cuff, toe and heel all in one color.  Then again if you have a specific color theme (say a favorite football team maybe) go crazy and use those colors instead of just red, white, and green!

I do have a few tricks that might help you when you are doing your own stocking.

  1. Body:  If you are experienced working in the round, go ahead and do the stocking in the round.  it will save you having to seam it afterwards.  If your not, the seaming only took 5 minutes don’t worry about it.
  2. Heel:  When you are working from the top point down to a long line.  Make sure to keep your turning chains at the end of each short row tight – you don’t want a bunch of holes stretching out in the heel when you have your stocking stuffed.
  3. Foot:  You will have to skip 2 stitches in the corners of the heel, don’t worry about those holes you will sew them closed later.
  4. Toe:  You are going to work the toe in 2 separate sections then seam it to make the rounded toe.  It is going to look weird but keep going and you will get there no problem.
  5. Cuff:  You work the cuff after you sew the body closed.  Personally I was tired of seaming and just worked the cuff directly on the body and worked it in the round.  this worked out perfectly.  I just skipped the top edging.9
  6. Seaming:  When you seam just use a simple whip stitch.  Don’t get caught up in doing one side perfectly equal to the other.  Side note: make sure to slide your hand along the inside of the seam your joining to make sure your not accidently sewing the whole thing together – it is easy to pick up a loop from the other side.


This project took me 2 nights sitting on the couch watching tv. So you have plenty of time to whip up a couple before you pull out the Christmas Decorations.  It is a very sturdy stocking and I have high hopes it holds up as Mermaid’s daily advent stocking.





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