Stitchin’ Saturday #44

Happy Veteran's Day!.png

Happy Veteran’s Day!  I know I haven’t talked about it much on this site, but Hubby and I are both Veterans.  He was Navy and I was Army – It makes the Army Navy Game interesting to say the least. There are at least 2 bars in town we are not allowed to go in on game day any more!  When my friends were having parties for their 16th birthdays I was standing in line at the MEPS station in Atlanta joining the DEP (Delayed Entry Program) for the Army.  Both my parents were in the Air Force, my oldest brother was an Army Ranger, a brother in-law was Air Force, and my family can trace itself in most American conflicts back to before the Civil War.

So I want to say a big THANK YOU to any Veterans, Active Service and their families if you are reading this.  You might forget how awesome you are when the day to day grind is getting you down, but I will remind you!


2IMG_0042This week I had a big first.  For the first time Hubby has asked me to make something for him.  Actually it is for a co-worker/ friend who is expecting a baby this month.  But he finally asked me to make something specific.  He even asked them what color the baby room was going to be so I could use their colors.  I almost died right there people.  He runs so hot temp wise, add in the fact we live in Florida where normal people rarely get cold and I have never made anything for him specifically.  So what would any normal woman do?  I grabbed my Joann’s coupon, tossed Mermaid in the car, and went to buy some yarn.  It took a few false starts with other patterns to get going but I have decided on a heirloom looking pattern in a soft baby pink.  They live in South Georgia so it doesn’t get very cold there either, so I am hoping that this pattern will work for them.

Other than that the only thing I have been working on is the Wolf Sweater for Mermaid.  I love the patterns from the Crochet At Play book, they work up so nicely.  I have made at least 5 different things from the book, and this pattern is the first time I have found something in the instructions that didn’t make sense.  I was able to figure out what they wanted me to do by looking at the pictures though so I am past the hood, shoulders, and started on the body.  I really wish I was better at pattern math I would so make myself one of these little cardigans.  I would even put on the ears too.  Probably.

This week was Mermaid’s Birthday.  She turned 4 and we have been celebrating it from the moment we got to Disney until this Wednesday.  I have to say I am glad it is over.  There is one part of her birthday I wanted to share.  When she was born she was missing her whole soft palate.  (It is the soft part of the roof of your mouth.) We had to do a lot to get her to where she is today – completely happy and healthy with no memory of it at all.  One thing that I was really thankful for was that we live less than 10 minutes away from her surgeon and the best kid’s hospital in our region.  Right outside the hospital is a Ronald McDonald house for the families who don’t live close enough.  So after her first birthday I wanted to share my crocheting love with them and started a birthday tradition.  Every year on her birthday we donate baby blankets.  This week we took two.  She wanted to walk down the hall and find the sick kids to give them to herself, but had to settle for giving them to the volunteer at the desk.  She warned her though that the blankets were to make sick kids feel better and she needed to pick special kids to get them.  That was a proud mommy moment right there.  I also got to talk to the lady about the blankets I want to make with my Moogly Squares.  Turns out they have patients stay there all the way to 21 years old.  She told me that everyone thinks to make things for the babies and premmies, which is awesome, but no one remembers the older ones.  So I am definitely seaming up my Moogly squares to make a few blankets for the older patients.  Hopefully in time for Christmas.


Make Along RoundupsMake Along Roundup





I finally got the November Round up completed.  There are 10 of them this month.  If you can’t find a reason to go to the yarn store with all of those I just can’t help you.  🙂




This week I am going to tell you about the Yarn Things Podcast by Marly Bird.  This is the one that got me sucked into podcasts earlier this year, and hers is the standard I judge all other podcasts by.  Y’all know how I feel about Marly – that if I ever meet her I would fan girl like a tween at a One Direction concert and then pass out.

The format for her show is pretty simple.  She comes on, thanks her sponsors, talks to a fabulous guest where a large part of the time they are joking and laughing, there is a give away (normally one prize to someone who calls in live during the show, and one to a person who leaves a comment on the shows page.  I have learned so many things listening to her show: books I want to try, charities to support, all about the conventions I want to go to one day, and the list just keeps going.  I have honestly gone back and listened to every episode all the way to 2015.

Go listen you won’t regret it.


Pattern Review

This week’s find is something I learned about on the Yarn Thing podcast.  It is the American Crochet Association.  It is a web based learning program for mastering crochet.  It is $9.97 a month for access to the classes.  I haven’t signed up for it yet but I am so going to.  I only know what I heard them talking about yesterday on the podcast, but when I create my account and figure more out I will let you know.  I am not an affiliate and won’t make a cent if you try it.  But if you do there is a 30 Day guarantee if you don’t like it.



Working These WIPs

Wolf Sweater < progress on the body

Wally’s Baby Blanket < progress!


Poor Forgotten WIPs

St Andrews Cape < Need to frog it got to start over.

Lavender Fields Throw
Moogly CAL < Need to just give up on the one I am stuck on and keep going with the rest.
Curvy Girl Tunic < Just need to weave in the ends
Pixel Pillow
C2C Forrest Pillow < Just need to seam it over the form
Pineapple Blanket
Daisy Chain Quilt
Lost Quilt
Garden Bench Sampler
Cheshire Shawl



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