Stitchin’ Saturday 45


This week has been pretty happy.  I finished 2 blankets, finally sewed the buttons on Mermaid’s Birthday Sweater, and my very first winter hat for myself.  I have narrowed it down to a hat and scarf set for one of Mermaid’s teacher gifts next month.  I even took the time to clean up the craft room.  The rest of the house is a complete shambles but the crocheting is going along swimmingly.

I originally planned on giving Hubby’s friend the pink Lacy Treasures Blanket.  I finished it and presented it for his approval.  He provided the appropriate level of appreciation and praise.  Then he said, “Isn’t that a bit light for a baby in the winter though?”  Now bear in mind the family lives in southern Georgia so it isn’t going to get that cold, but to be fair it is a really light blanket.

So off I went to the yarn store and picked up some Caron Simply Soft in gray.  I flipped through my books with baby blankets and found the Shining Stars blanket.  It is a lacy one with fans making up the body.  I used a smaller hook than the pattern called for so it is a closer fabric, and I didn’t block it out to stretch out the lacy parts.  I presented the second blanket to him.  There were more oohs and ahhs and kisses.  Then he said, “I think that is perfect.  No way poop stains are showing on dark gray.”  That ladies and gentlemen is how it comes down to – if a blanket is going to keep the baby warm and not show the poop stains.

I am going to do a whole post on the hat and the sweater as soon as I can get to it so look for that in the next week or so.  I was talking to one of my readers this week about a crochet problem she was having.  After we worked out her problem she asked me a question I really didn’t have an answer for.  She asked why don’t I do a post for each of my projects?  She likes to see what I talk about on Stitching Saturday but wants more information on some of the individual projects.  I have no idea why I haven’t done it.  So I am going to shoot for a post per new project that I complete.  (Only the new projects because do you really want to know about the 124th elephant doll I just finished for the store?)

Pattern Review

Course-Cover-Image-8This week’s find is still the American Crochet Association.  I joined this week and took 2 of the classes they have up for this month.  The lessons are not super difficult, and so far there has not been any assigned homework projects.  Though she does find free patterns on Ravelry that use the stitches she covers that week, so you can pick one out and work it if you want to.  If your interested go check out the site.


1The podcast this week is one I just discovered.  I literally laughed so hard soda came out of my nose.  It is the Home Hour with Kirsten Dunlap and Graham Smith.  I am going to admit that I have only listened to two episodes so far but these two ladies are hilarious.  They got me with the tagline: “Consider this the Home-ec class you wish you had been offered in school.”

On Thursday they talked to Elisabet der Nederlanden the author of Holiday Cookies: Showstopping Recipes to Sweeten the Season.  I love everything about this episode, the two hosts talking before the interview, the interview, and the book.  I have it in my Amazon wishlist – just have to break it to Hubby that there is going to be another cookie cookbook coming to the house.  But really how bad is it that I collect cook books?  I could have a really weird collection like apples cores from celebrities.  At least this way he gets awesome cookies right.



Silver Birch Tunic < Completely Done!

Lacy Treasures < Completely Done – waiting to go to the Ronald McDonald House

Shining Star < Completely Done! Getting sent to Hubby’s friend

DGY Kit – Spiral Hat < Completely Done

Chic Crochet Cloche and Scarf < Started going to be a teacher present

Wolf Cardigan < I poked it and said hi

Poor Forgotten WIPs

St Andrews Cape – frogged and rethinking the design

Lavender Fields Throw

Moogly CAL

Curvy Girl Tunic

Pixel Pillow

C2C Pillow

Pineapple Blanket

Daisy Chain Quilt

Forgotten Quilt

Garden Cross stitch sampler

Cheshire shawl

Darn Good Yarn: Online Yarn Store | Ethical Yarn

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