Stitchin’ Saturday #46

IMG_0244I hope you survived the Holiday and your house isn’t to trashed.  One thing I am very thankful for every year is we have a pretty low key Thanksgiving.  No one comes from out of town.  We don’t go out of town.  Dress clothes are not required (but sweatpants are forbidden – there has to be a line some where.)  Our Thanksgiving is pretty much a potluck with Hubby’s parents, his brother’s family (1 wife, 1 adult son, the brother) and us.  We have a set menu and everyone knows what they are responsible for.  I swear to Heaven it is a pretty perfect day.  Even better when I get home in time for a nap!  Want to know exactly how low key our Thanksgiving was?  The only thing I took a picture of was the table!

2This week has been a bit stressful on the blog front though.  The pattern test period for the Highland Poncho ended on the 20th.  I had 8 testers sign up and agree to make the poncho and give me notes on where I can improve the pattern.  Only two people finished it but no one sent me any photos.  So I am going to publish it on December 1, 2017 blind.  Completely on faith that I don’t have a glaring error somewhere.  If your interested I will put a link up here and the pattern will be free for a couple of days with a coupon code.  If one of you happen to make it I would love pictures or feedback!

I did have a really bright spot this week though! I had a return customer to my Etsy Store.  She buys a few dolls from me every year around Christmas for her Granddaughter and this year she bought 3.  I wanted to add a thank you of some kind for her being such an awesome customer so I made a different colored scarf for each one of the dolls (including the ones she had ordered before).  Hopefully the little girl will love the new additions to her collection – Bumble Bee, Elephant, and the Deer modified to have a Red Nose!  I love that there is a little girl out there loving these dolls.  IMG_0261

I have also been working on a pattern for a seamless octopus doll.  I know you have heard me talk about the Octopus dolls before, and I loved making them with the original pattern, but I got to thinking.  Those dolls are pretty huge compared to some of the preemies I have seen pictures of.  Besides that I have always been worried about sewing on eyes and the tentacles; if there is ever a time you don’t want something to fall off a doll it would be in a preemie bassinet.  So I have created my own pattern for a seamless doll.  It is all made in one straight shot so the only place it can possibly come undone is at the beginning and the end – but with proper knotting that won’t be an issue!  The finished doll is much smaller and the tentacles are also much shorter.  I am working on getting the pattern into a printable format and I am going to share it on here for free.  I want to put it on my Etsy store as well, but they won’t let you put out a pattern for free there (how are they going to make money on that?) so it will be up on Ravelry for free when I figure that part out.  If you want to test it let me know and I will send you my working document.  If you can work single crochet and slip stitches you can do this.  It takes me about 3 hours for each one.

Pattern Reviewtravel organizersMy find of the week isn’t really new.  It is a Craftsy class – Sew Study Travel Organizers.  I have been working with make up bags and things that don’t really hold everything I need for different projects and wishing I had something better.  Then I stumbled on this class while looking at the sales this weekend.  It is going to be perfect.  I will figure out how to make the perfect bag for each of my project types – crochet, cross stitch & embroidery, tatting, beading, travel/ art journaling.  There will be normal travel bags too – you know how I love to take trips.  Then there are going to be bags for Mermaid!  So many bags – Barbie sorters, card sorters, her arts and crafts, markers and pencils.  I can’t even tell you how excited I am .  If your interested please use this affiliate link to check it out!


Finished Projects!

Elephant Doll – Amazon Order

Elephant Doll – Etsy Order

Bumble Bee Doll – Etsy Order

Rudolph Doll – Etsy Order

6 Doll Scarves – Etsy Bonus

Octopus Doll – for Ronald McDonald House

Bumble Bee Doll – Amazon Order


Chic Cloche & Scarf < Progress on the scarf

Hibernating Bears

Wolf Cardigan
Lavender Fields Throw
Moogly CAL
Curvy Girl Tunic
Pixel Pillow
C2C Pillow
Pineapple Blanket
Daisy Chain Quilt
Forgotten Quilt
Garden Cross stitch sampler
Cheshire shawl

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