No December Round up

This weekend I was looking at my To Do List.  On that list was write the December Roundup.  Followed by finishing 5 Christmas gifts, 2 special orders, cleaning the house, painting the living & dining rooms, get wrapping paper, wrap presents, hubby’s laundry, pack for Georgia trip next week, and another 7 things I am not going to bore you with.  While I was cleaning the never ending mess my 4 year old Mermaid had made that morning I was trying to run through some posts I want to write in my head.

And it occurred to me.  There is a slim chance that anyone is looking for a new project to start right now.  They have lists longer than mine probably.  So I am skipping my monthly round up this month.  I know there are some great ones out there – and if you find one leave a comment below so everyone else can check it out.

Don’t forget about the Pigskin Party hosted on Ravelry by Down Cellar Studios.  Anything you make counts for an entry and it will go to the end of the NFL football season.  There is also the Double Dip KAL by Bede Sisters Podcast also on Ravelry.  You can enter anything you make as long as it qualifies for another KAL/CAL!

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