Stitchin’ Saturday #48

This week I was getting crafty on a road trip.  Hubby, Mermaid, and I went to Atlanta with my In-laws.  We spent Thursday downtown so Hubby and MIL could go to the Falcons vs. Saints game.  Hubby roots for the Falcons and my MIL roots for the Saints.  While they went to the game Mermaid, Father In Law and I hung out at the hotel and explored the little park behind the hotel.  They have some trees called Twisted Filberts.  I need one of these trees!

IMG_0484After that we went to my In Laws new house in the Blue Ridge mountains for the weekend.  Where we were snowed in.  There was more than a foot in some places.  The highlight of Saturday was the Army vs Navy game.  I was in the Army and Hubby was in the Navy.  These games are always heated (Fun fact the local Mellow Mushroom won’t show this game anymore because we got a little rowdy a few years ago.)  I won and it was awesome!  The only downside was the well pump broke so we were snowed in without running water.  Thank heavens we bought some cases with us!

IMG_0538I don’t have a lot of finds or things to share that would make you run to the store and start a new project – we didn’t have internet all week at the house.  Though I was able to crochet like crazy and finish a lot of projects.  I made Mermaid a hat for the trip, then a book mark with the left over bit of yarn from the skein.

I finished all the gifts for Mermaid’s Teachers.  I have no idea what their favorite colors are so I stuck with neutrals they can pair with anything.  I hope they love them.  Or at least wear them once.

I heard from Hubby’s friend we sent the baby blanket too.  They loved it.  They sent a picture of it on the crib.  She loves it so much she just cuddled it before putting it in the baby’s room.  I love hearing that someone loved something I made that much.  It makes me want to make all the baby blankets for all the babies.


I only have one square left to finish the Moogly 2017 CAL.  I have started to add the gray border to seam them into blankets for the Ronald McDonald house for Christmas.  Fingers crossed I get it done.


Moogly Square 23

Earflap Hat for Mermaid

Pom-Pom Book Mark for Mermaid

Romantic Lace Shawl < Special Order

Shawl for Teacher 1

Scarf for Teacher 2

Scarf and Ear warmer set for Teacher 3

November DGY Kit – Spiral Hat < found the perfect beads

Hibernating Bears

Wolf Cardigan
Lavender Fields Throw
Curvy Girl Tunic
Pixel Pillow
C2C Pillow
Pineapple Blanket
Daisy Chain Quilt
Forgotten Quilt
Garden Cross stitch sampler
Cheshire shawl

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