Stitchin’ Saturday #49

*It helps if you make the post “published” not ‘drafted’.  Just Saying.


This week I have been busy filling some last minute orders for the stores.  A few shawls and dolls that I needed to get out before the Holiday so people could wrap and give them as gifts.  I think this is one of my favorite parts of the whole selling my creations.  I love that there are people out there who like what I make enough to not only buy it but to give it to someone else as well.  That just makes me want to keep learning and developing my skills.

I published an article on the Romantic Lacy Shawl pattern from  I have a few others drafted and I will get them published just as soon as I get done with the orders and the goodies I am making for the Ronald McDonald House.  I want to get them dropped off so they can get them sorted out and wrapped for the kids and families.  Did you know they not only give gifts to the patients but they try to give gifts to any siblings that are staying there with them for the holiday too?  I think that is one of the sweetest things ever.

I gave Mermaid’s Teachers their gifts this week.  Well she gave them the gifts.  Anywhoo…. Her head teacher loved her shawl.  She said her kids have been trying to take it to use as a blanket and she keeps having to rescue it from them.  But she wore it twice last week! So I got that one right at least!  I haven’t talked to the other two but I am hoping they love theirs.

I have a question for you.  I am take special orders and custom orders.  As long as you can give me a pattern and a color you want I will make it for you.  I have not really kept track of them in any special place over the years other than the sold listings on the store site.  I was reading about a woman in Scotland who makes bespoke sweaters.  They are gorgeous hand knit aran sweaters (think fisherman sweaters with cables).  Her bespoke book is full of orders for the next 12 years.  You can’t even add your name for another 6 months or so to get on to the waiting list.  And these are not cheap sweaters either folks.  I want that.  I want people to want my creations so bad they are willing to wait for one.  So I am going to start a bespoke page on the site to keep up with special orders that I get.  My question is can an American have a Bespoke List or is that just for English/ Scottish people?


Make Along RoundupsI need to know if your loving the Make along round ups every month.  I did six or seven last year and I am trying to decide if I should keep doing the monthly roundup?  Anyone using it for inspiration? Leave me a comment and let me know!  If I don’t get any responses I am going to let it go.


1happierI have another podcast that I am loving.  It is “Happier with Gretchen Rubin”.  I heard Gretchen Rubin interviewed on a different podcast that I listen to and she talked about a book she published called the “Happiness Project.”  Basically she decided that she had a great life and had checked off all the big life boxes but wasn’t as happy as she thought she could be.  So she spent 6 months researching what makes people happy, and trying to decide what would make her happier in her life.  Then she spent a year from January to December working on her Happiness Project.  It worked out so well she published a book and it is pretty awesome.

I am in that boat too.  I think I could definitely be happier on a daily basis, less stressed and wrung out.  So I started listening to her podcast, bought the book and I am planning my own Happiness Project for next year.  If you want to follow along on my journey I am going to be writing about it on my other blog –

If you want to find out more about her check out her website (there are links to the podcasts).



Finished It

Ruffled Wrap

Hippo Doll Big

Hippo Doll Small


WIPing It

Moogly 2017 CAL

Wolf Doll

Lion Doll

Bunny Doll

Octopus for Preemies


Hibernating Bears

Wolf Cardigan
Lavender Fields Throw
Curvy Girl Tunic
Pixel Pillow
C2C Pillow
Pineapple Blanket
Daisy Chain Quilt
Forgotten Quilt
Garden Cross stitch sampler
Cheshire shawl


2 thoughts on “Stitchin’ Saturday #49

  1. Lovely post. Esp love the words ‘I love that there are people out there who like what I make enough to not only buy it but to give it to someone else as well. That just makes me want to keep learning and developing my skills.’ You should be so proud, well done. And ‘bespoke’, why not international, not just British?

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