Stitchin’ Saturday #50

2This week has been a whirl wind.  I spent the whole week working on some things for the Ronald McDonald House.  I finished a 12 block blanket using my Moogly 2017 CAL squares.  Somehow I took a picture of the blocks half seamed, a picture of it folded across the bench at the bottom of my bed, yet no finished picture!  It is to late to take one because I have already dropped it off.  So we will just have to use our imaginations on how awesome it looked.IMG_0665

To go with the lapghan I made Lion, Wolf, and Bunny dolls to give to the kids. I also dropped off my first solid piece Octopus for Preemies doll.  I was chatting with the lady at the counter who takes donations and she was just so happy with the donations.  I didn’t realize (but totally should have) they try to give gifts to siblings who are there with the patients for Christmas too so they are not left out!  How amazing is that?  I told her the Octopus is made specifically for a preemie and the blanket for a teenage patient of their choice, but if they want to give the dolls to siblings that was perfectly fine.  If your looking for a way to make things for kids and teens but don’t have a specific person to give them to – take them to your local Ronald McDonald house!


After I dropped those off this week I spent an afternoon sorting through my studio room.  I found several little project that I completely forgot about.  There is a huge wrap that I have all the panels for I just have to sew together, a few shawls that just need the tails tucked to give as presents, and a cape I made for Mermaid that has been waiting for a clasp for way to long.  I also found a few totes that I originally made for the store to sell, but they never did so I am going to deconstruct them and use the yarn for something else.  No I have one better – I will use them to drop off the next batch of toys to the Ronald McDonald House and tell them to give them to a mom.


Pattern ReviewThis week I am super excited to share my Find with you.  Did you know Craftsy has a new subscription service where you can pay a monthly fee and watch all the classes you want?  I love this.  I have been budgeting for a couple classes a year when they go on sale but now I don’t have to!  I have already watched 3 different classes that I had on my wish list and I can’t stop.  Interested in baking – boom.  Thinking about gardening next spring? Boom.  Wondering about photography?  Bam!  Seriously if your a Craftsy person go check it out with my affiliate link >>  CRAFTSY UNLIMITED


Finished It

12 Block Moogly Blanket

Wolf Doll

Lion Doll

Bunny Doll

Ocotopus Doll


WIPing It

Lavender Fields Blanket

Tan Wrap

Elephant Doll for Mermaid


Hibernating Bears

Wolf Cardigan
Lavender Fields Throw
Curvy Girl Tunic
Pixel Pillow
C2C Pillow
Pineapple Blanket
Daisy Chain Quilt
Forgotten Quilt
Garden Cross stitch sampler
Cheshire shawl


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