Stitchin’ Saturday #51

2This week has been a pretty good week – shared family flu not withstanding.  We had a great low key Christmas.  Over the years we have perfected Christmas.  We don’t go any where from Christmas Eve – Boxing Day that requires spending the night or more than 2 hours in a car.  Mostly we go to my In-laws house for lunch and gifts on Christmas Day.  When I was a kid we spent the whole Christmas break driving from one house to another.  We barely had time to see anyone, much less play with any present we might have received.  I hated it.  Who would enjoy being crammed in a station wagon full of presents, luggage, 5 kids, and two adults for hours on end? So now that I have Mermaid I have a travel ban for those 3 days of the year.  Unless it is to France, a tropical island, or a cruise – then I will be on that plane before you can say boo.

1507245700401-20170912_506281_sticksandstones_34529_wallNormally most people in my family give me gift cards to Joann Fabrics for my Christmas present.  That way I can get what ever my little heart desires or what ever tools I need to replace.  This year the store in town ran out of gift cards.  I don’t know how long they were out but it was long enough for everyone to just give me cash.  This worked out for me awesome this year.  The quilt on my bed is almost 8 years old, and it has been on my bed every day for those 8 years.  Well it is getting more holes on the seams that i have to keep repairing.  I don’t want it to just fall apart from the constant use so I am going to make a new quilt for my bed this year.  I found a perfect quilt kit on Craftsy that I spent my Christmas money on.  It is called Sticks and Stones and is going to be awesome.  Side note > Craftsy is having a big supply sale right now.  If you need to order anything please use my affiliate link!  It helps me to get supplies to try new things to share with you!

I counted up my Red Heart makes to see if I met my personal challenge to make 12 things from the Red Heart free patterns.  I had to give up on making one a week for 12 weeks because I didn’t plan for the orders when I made that grand plan.  I did get 8 things made though.  2 Ripple Scarfs, Simple Stocking, V Stitch Scarf, Shaded Shells Scarf, Graceful Shells Shawl, Romantic Lacy Shawl, and Ruffled Wrap.  I think i am going to try and make a Red Heart challenge for myself for 2018.  I am going to do 12 projects – one a month. I am trying to decide what to do specifically though.  12 hats, 12 blankets, 12 home dec things?  Right now I am leaning towards making 12 things for the house I am going to build in 2019.


This week I mostly have been working on my Lavender Fields Blanket.  I am still loving it.  I only have to finish a few more rows of green then tuck the tails and it will be done.  I also tried a new hat pattern that didn’t work out at all.  I did the gauge swatch and had to adjust my hook size.  I made the whole stinking pattern thinking it would be good, and it was to small.  It ended up fitting Mermaid instead of me.  So I had to undo an entire beret.  I am going to try a different pattern and let you know how that turns out.

IMG_0791.JPGI have decided that I am going to make my own Amigurumi dolls.  I think that i have the body down for the bigger animals like hippos, elephants and bulls.  I finished the first one a hippo for Mermaid.  Because all she wanted for Christmas was a Hippopotamus – just like the song.  We saw the movie Ferdinand this week and then all she wanted was a Ferdinand doll.  So what do you think I started this week?  The head shaping is giving me soe issues but I am going to win.

1lovetosew_logo-300x300The Podcast i want to share this week is called Love to Sew.  I can’t even tell you how I found it, I was searching for something else on ITunes and it popped up as a suggestion and I am so happy it did.  It is hosted by Helen and Caroline.  The main topic is sewing a handmade wardrobe.  So far there are only 21 episodes so far, but they put out an episode a week so it is growing.  I am starting at the beginning so I hear how everything develops.  Some shows they do interviews and some they talk  between themselves.  One of my favorite parts is they are my size.  So when they talk about patterns I know they will work for me too and I have found so many things that I am going to be making.


Make Along RoundupsUnfortunately I am going to stop my monthly roundup of Make Alongs.  I did a poll and asked in here last week and no one said they are loving it, or even using it.  So if I find one that I am going to join I will let you know, otherwise I am not going to do a monthly roundup anymore.


Blue Hippo – Bespoke Order

Hippo for Mermaid

Frog Pond

Beret of shame

WIPing It

Lavender Fields Blanket

Ferdinand Doll

Hibernating Bears

Wolf Cardigan

Curvy Girl Tunic

Pixel Pillow

Tan Wrap

C2C Pillow

Pineapple Blanket

Daisy Chain Quilt

Forgotten Quilt

Cheshire Shawl




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