Stitchin Saturday 53

2Heaven help us all.  It has been a solid year of BlinkingCat being a crafty blog.  I spent most of the year crocheting and listening to podcasts.  I shared with you different charities you can help with your crochet and knitting.  I did the Moogly CAL and gave you my hints on making the squares solid.  There were some pattern reviews, and some yarn reviews.  Overall I had a pretty great crafty year.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.

2018 is going to be even better.  I have started sewing clothes for myself.  I was informed by Mermaid that I need to make her some dresses too.  So there will be kid sewing to share at some point.  I am working on a bespoke quilt right now.  I just got in the quilt kit I bought with my Christmas money, so that makes 4 kits I have waiting to make for my house this year.

I have a few Make alongs that I am going to participate in.  There is the Moogly CAL 2019 – it is the same as last year with new squares.  I think I am going to make it in gray this year so that it can be given to any patient at the Ronald McDonald House.  Boys need blankets too.  There is a Solar System Blanket CAL that I am starting this weekend.  I am a week behind but I can catch up easy.  I will write up a post on it this week and let you know the details.  There is SewMyStyle2018.  I have a write up on it coming too.  I already did the first month’s project and I am hooked.  I have 2 more projects ready to go.  Both a jean bottom kind of thing.

I am not going to be doing the monthly round up of make-alongs this year.  I did a poll in December and very few people were using them. So I am just going to keep you updated on ones that I am participating in.  After I started the Moogly CAL last year I am hooked.  I love doing these things.  I just found out that Marly Bird has a Facebook group that is hosting a different CAL every month.  I am so going to be doing that.


modsew1400This week I am going to tell you about the Modern Sewciety Podcast.  She has the best interviews about all things sewing and quilting.  You need to check it out.  I can’t narrow down my favorite episode.  I love the quilt interviews just as much as the clothes ones.  If your a little craft scattered like I am your going to love this one.




Finished It

Siren Shawl


WIPing It

Bespoke Quilt – Tee shirt for DF

Solar System CAL

Lavender Fields Blanket

Hibernating Bears


Wolf Cardigan

Curvy Girl Tunic

Pixel Pillow

Tan Wrap

C2C Pillow

Pineapple Blanket

Daisy Chain Quilt

Forgotten Quilt

Cheshire Shawl

Ferdinand Doll



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