Sew My Style 2018 Challenge

SewMyStyle-Blog-Header-Image-WIdeI am excited about this.  I heard about this challenge on the Love to Sew podcast.  I got so excited that after looking at the website and some of the Instagram pictures of last years challenge I had to sign up for this year.

The way it works is they have set up one sewing project for each month of 2018.  All the projects are patterns for women by indie designers.  You just order the pattern and then make it in the month it is assigned.  When your done you share your makes with #sewmystyle2018.


I have already completed the project for January.  It was the Sunny Dress by Friday Pattern Co.  If you want to read about that click here for my post.  If you want to make it for yourself the pattern is only $12.  You can get the PDF to print and tape it at home (it only took 20 pages and one hour for me to put it together) or you can order the printed version and it will be mailed to you.



Sewing my own wardrobeThe only one I might skip is the jump suit.  It isn’t going to look good on me, and I can’t pull off tapered pants. It just doesn’t work on me at all.  I might pick out one of her dress patterns to try instead though.

Go check it out and get inspired!  Let me know if your going to try the challenge too and we can swap notes!

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