Stitchin’ Saturday #54

2This week has been a fun crafting week.  I have been working on the Solar System Blanket CAL, Lavender Fields Blanket, Mermaid’s Quilt Top, the Bespoke Tee-shirt quilt, and a bespoke beret.  I also finally stuffed the Forest Friends pillow and sewed it up for Mermaid.

I am finally over the flu and back to feeling as normal as I can.  Which is a relief.  This time around the flu was so bad I ruptured my ear drum trying to blow my nose.  Have you ever done that?  It is not a nice thing and I hope it never happens to me again.  On the bright side I can hear things again and that is amazing.  Also amazing is I have my crafty mojo back.  Besides working on all of these projects I have decided to redo the products available in my stores.  I have the Etsy store on vacation right now while I work on creating a new line of dolls and blankets for the site.  I love making the classic single color, soft and lacy baby blankets but honestly they are not selling that well.  The ones that are selling are the All American Blanket, the Lemondrop, and Checkered Heart patterns.  So I am going to design some unusual blankets, make a few and have them ready to ship.  I have always made the first one or two for pictures and to make sure the pattern is feasible then just made them as they were ordered.  I am going to try making a set and only listing what I actually have in stock.  I might even make some limited editions and only making say 5 of a blanket.  What do you think?  Would you prefer to buy something that is already made and ready to ship, or if you want that blanket would you be willing to wait for it be specially made for you?

For the Bespoke Tee-shirt quilt I have everything done but the binding.  I ended up hand quilting it using the big stitch method I learned on CreativeBug.  (<a href=”http://Save 60% at Joann and get a free trial to Creativebug” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>If you haven’t tried CreativeBug use my affiliate link here to try it out! You will love it.)  I have practiced for years making those tiny little running stitches.  Most of the time I give up and use the stabbing method to make those little suckers and it takes forever.  But using the bigger stitches I go a lot faster.  I love that part of the charm is it is ok if they are not all exact and perfect.  After practicing I am able to do five lines across a 12 inch high block in less than an hour.  That included threading the needles and burying the knots.  Seriously.  I love it.  Best of all it looks awesome on a tee shirt quilt.  I am going to make it the official way I do all of my tee shirt quilts.  What do you think?

After I finished the hand quilting on the tee shirt quilt I dug out Mermaid’s quilt I had started last year.  Turns out I was farther along than I thought.  I had all the strips pieced I just had to cut them out and sew them into blocks.  It only took me two day of work to get the whole quilt top assembled.  It is on hold right now until I the backing.  I had gone to Joann’s to pick out some fabric for the back.  But when I finally found one that matched the colors, I ran into a problem.  First the fabric was $9 a yard.  I needed 15 yards.  It would have been $135 before a coupon, and $67 after – except the coupon had expired.  So instead of spending more on the back than I did for the whole top I am going to go get a twin sized sheet at Target and use that instead.  I did pick p some high loft batting so it will be super cozy when we move to the mountains.  I think on this one I am just going to tie the quilt instead of stitching it.  What do you think?

I thought I was almost done with the Lavender Fields Blanket.  I did two complete repeats of the colors and hoped it would get it to a queen size.  Not only did I end up short on the last green color – by 80 treble stitches.  I have to go buy a whole skein for 80 stitches.  But I realized I need to add another round of the purple colors to make it cover the top of the bed.  What do you think?

I finished a bespoke hat.  A lady found the pattern and had me make it for her.  It is the Crochet Puff Beret by The Good Shnit.  I am going to do a whole post on it this week if you want to know more about the pattern.  Overall I love it.

While looking for the yarn I want to use in February for the Slay the Stash CAL by Down Cellar Studios I found some projects I had completely forgot about in the bottom of a yarn box.  The forest friends pillow case, a paneled shawl, a baby blanket of pineapple motifs, and a spring cape for Mermaid that just needs a clasp at the neck.  So I stacked them all on top of the boxes of yarn in the studio so I can finish them.  I made a pillow form out of some tee shirt scraps from my quilt and stuffed it.  Now the Forest Friends pillow is complete!  Mermaid is loving it.  Hubby tried it out and declared he loved the size but not the bright colors or the raccoon.  “It looks shifty.”

Pattern Reviewthe-solar-system-blanketThis week my find of the week is the Solar System blanket CAL by Two Hearts Crochet.  I am loving this one.  It is a 12 week free CAL.  The blanket is going to be a solar system, complete with planet and space things appliqued on.  If you can work with black yarn and not go insane you will love this one.  The only down side is I had to start again after I did the first thirty rows.  She wrote it so that it is worked in the round continuously with half double crochet.  When I did this the first time it waved pretty badly so after the first 20 rounds I frogged it and started over with a larger hook.  I did thirty rows with the larger hook and it looked like a chip bowl with all the rolls and buckling.  I frogged it again and changed it.  Now I am doing 2 rows of single crochet for every row of half double crochet in the pattern and it is much more my thing.  I know from following the #solarsystemcal on Instagram that others are having some problems with the waviness and buckling but they are working through it.  So check out the pictures and see if you want a softer wavy blanket (go with the HDC) or a thicker flatter blanket (try my SC method).  Either way you go you won’t regret it.  Especially if you have someone in your life that loves space and stars.  Think how awesome it would be for a birthday gift.

As of today the first 3 weeks have been released so you still have plenty of time to get in on the action.

3Finished It!

Crochet Puff Beret < Bespoke order

Forest Friends Pillow

WIPing It!

Lavender Fields Blanket

Tee Shirt Quilt

Mermaid’s Quilt

Solar System CAL

Hibernating Bears

Wolf Cardigan

Curvy Girl Tunic

Tan Wrap

Pineapple Blanket

Forgotten Quilt

Cheshire Shawl

Ferdinand Doll

NEW Ceramic Yarn Bowls

7 thoughts on “Stitchin’ Saturday #54

    1. Thank you! I love that one too. I saw it on a book cover and bought it and all the yarn that day. Since I put it up there I have people trying to order them. Do you have pics of your baby Quilt? I love seeing ones people had made for them and have loved all their life.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think I have pics, because the quilt has been packed away in storage for years. 😦 I really want to find it now. Also, do you take orders? Because I’m doing some commissions for crocheted items and I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the process.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You should dig it out and hang it! I do take orders. I have a shop on Etsy and one on Amazon Handmade. You can shoot me an email if you have some questions and I can try to answer them. But my biggest tip – get a store site to process payments (cousin Susie is going to take you more seriously when you tell her to go to Etsy and pay you) and 2 don’t undervalue your work. You had to pay for materials, training, supplies, and the time to do it. You spend 10 on yarn, and 30 hours making it – don’t sell it for $20.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep. I started it to make me 1 write at least once a week and 2 stay accountable with myself. If tell someone I am going to do something I am way more likely to do it. You should do it too! I would love that.


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