Stitchin Saturday 55

I have big news – we have booked the flights for our family trip to Germany and Austria.  It has taken us several years to save up enough airline miles and hotel points to be able to take Mermaid, Hubby and I on this trip to see some amazing castles.  I have been talking to my in-laws about it too and they are going to join us.  So in June the Fergusons are going to be invading Munich, Vienna and possibly Zurich.  If you have ever been to the area and have something you think we absolutely have to see let me know!  I have a stack of travel books, and dozens of websites flagged trying to make an itinerary.  The only thing I must absolutely see are Neuschwanstein Castle and the Vienna Opera House.


2As far as being crafty goes this week I have tried, but mostly I have been organizing things.  I finished week one of my Solar System CAL.  It is going to take me a lot longer than the CAL because I decided (like a crazy person) to do the whole thing in sc instead of hdc.  I do have a tip though – if you are going to start the CAL do the ‘void’ area in dark blue.  I have seen pictures on Instagram of this and love it.  Then you won’t have to loose parts of your soul working with all that black yarn.

I finished the Crochet Puff Beret redo.  I love how it turned out this time.  I deliver it this week and hope she loves it.

For the Tee-shirt quilt order I have the binding almost done.  I did two rounds of machine stitching on the front side to get it attached how I like it.  Now i am trudging through sewing on the back seam of the binding.  I am going to figure out one day how to sew both sides with my machine.  I have no idea why but when it comes to hand sewing the binding on the back I hate it.  I love doing the hand stitching for the quilting across the top.  If there is a shrink out there who can explain this to me – please do.  But it is going to be finished and delivered this week as well.  I am so stinking excited.  I have been sharing progress pictures and they have already given me another batch of tee-shirts to make a second quilt.

Mermaid’s quilt I haven’t made any sewing progress on it this week but I did buy the batting, thread to do tie the top and the sheet for the backing.  So I am counting that as progress.  I went to Joann’s and spent an hour picking fabric.  After spending an hour picking just the right fabric that was on sale (I think it is crazy to pay more for the backing fabric than I did for the top!) The lady started measuring and it was a yard short.  Seriously a yard short after looking for an hour.  So I drove over to Target and bought a sheet.  I have used them before and it turned out great – so that is what I did this time too.

I have also picked out my Red Heart project.  It is going to be a simple crochet slouchy type hat.  The pattern is Casual Beret.  I think it is going to be perfect when I am dropping off Mermaid at school.  I picked a dark brown with a tan stripe so it will match my green field jacket that I wear most days.  The white and pink is a cute combo it just isn’t going to work in my wardrobe.  One of my favorite parts of making things is picking out colors and making little changes to things to make them personalized.

I plan to get started on the Moogly 2018 CAL as soon as I finish my Casual Beret.  If you want to participate it is still a free CAL.  Check out her site.  She already has revealed her colors for this year and has the first square up!  I am going back and forth on if I should make my color a soft gray or a neutral kind of green.  I want to make blankets with my squares to donate to the Ronald McDonald House again this year, and I don’t want to pigeonhole a gender for the recipient because of my color choice.  Boys need blankets to right?


Pattern ReviewThe-Ultimate-Guide-to-Trello-Swipe-FilesMy find of the week is Trello.  A friend of mine who is an organizational guru has been telling me how it would be awesome for me to keep track of things for the blogs.  I finally tried it this week and I am hooked.  I have a board for the Bustling Home Blog and the Blinking Cat Blog.  A board for the house and all the things I want to do here – both on a weekly basis and a bigger list of things to do to get it ready to sell.  A board for the new house and all the things i want to get ready for there.  A board for the Europe trip and all the things I want to get sorted out for that.  I am even getting ready to make a board for Hubby because he wants to be able to track all of his work jobs and what Hard Rock Cafe’s he has been to.

Trello was free to download on my iphones and ipad.  I was also able to down load it free as an app on my HP laptop.  I just had to make my free account and it links across all the iphones, ipads, and my computer on it’s own.  I swear to heaven it is going to be awesome for you too.  If you want to check out Brianna’s guide to getting started with Trello click here.


Finished It

Crochet Puff Beret

WIP’in it in the Butt

Tee-shirt quilt

Mermaid’s quilt

Lavender Fields Blanket

Casual Beret

Solar System CAL

350 X 200

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