Casual Beret on

This month I decided I wanted a slouchy hat I could shove all my hair under when I am running late to get Mermaid to school.  Because what sane person wants to go out with wet hair when it is 38 degrees?  Even I am not that crazy.  I wanted something simple to get my year of Red Heart patterns kicked off and found the Casual Beret by The Double Stitch Twins.  If you are looking for a big slouchy hat you should try this one.  It would be perfect for someone with a lot of hair they want to hide in the winter or just someone with a huge head.  You know your out there and you know you want a hat.


To make the hat you start with the brim.  So when you make your chain – measure your head!  It is supposed to be loose enough not to leave an impression on your forehead, but tight enough not to blow off in the wind.

You need to be able to do chain, slip stitch, half double, double, and treble (in American terms) to be able to make this hat.  The construction is easy – no increases or decreases.  So even though you are working in the round, you are doing it in defined rows with an even number of stitches.  The only place it could get tricky is when your closing up the top, but that is just slip stitches.

My Project Notes

Yarn – Red Heart Super Saver in Brown and Tan

Hook – I

Time – 4 hours (including weaving ends)

I made this so fast I forgot to get a progress photo!

Get Stitchy!



300 X 250 bannerRed Heart Casual Beret

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